You Are NOT Charging The Phone, Tablets The Right Way, Says Recent Study

This Is How You Should Charge Your Smartphones To Make Batteries Last Longer

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2018)

What if we say you were charging your phone the wrong way all this while?

This might come as a shock, but most of you (including us) have been charging the phones and tablets the completely wrong way. It seems that overnight charging, with which you were so much proud of, is NOT the best way to charge your phone.

According to the findings of Cadex, the phone needs to be charged in short bursts and that too frequently. What, really?

Yes, charging the phones as little as 10 percent or 20 percent is fine.

Also, using your phone till it drains completely is not a very good idea for the batteries. In fact, a ‘deep-discharge,’ where a phone is run down to a fraction of its power or depleted completely, is actually bad for batteries and will wear them down more quickly.

(Now you know why your newly-bought phone is giving you the nightmare!)

The findings presented by Battery University have presented one more surprising conclusion. It says that there is an optimal level to keep your phone’s power at – almost like an optimal speed to travel in a car while using less fuel. And that sweet spot for the phones is when your phone is between 65 percent and 75 percent charged.

Also, NEVER charge your phone to 100 percent. Yes, you read that right. Charging up your phone or tablet up to 100 percent puts a high voltage stress on the batter, which can be bad for your gadget. Keep it around 95 and you are good to go if you are planning to be away the whole day.

It turns out that the majority of smartphones, tablets and electronic gadgets run on lithium-ion batteries which in turn contain an anode, a cathode and a chemical electrolyte. When in use, the charge is pushed from the positive cathode through the electrolyte and attracted to the anode before flowing out.

When you plug in for charging, this process is reversed. So remember, if you want to make your batteries last longer, charge frequently in short bursts, avoid hitting 100 percent mark and do not drain the charge completely.

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