Embrace The Lace: 10 Stunning Outfit Ideas To Rock Lace Fashion Trend [Pics]

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2018)

Lace is having a moment in women fashion like never before. And we are totally loving it!

The year 2017 saw a surge in the use of lace outfits among Hollywood A-list celebs and some occasional spotting among celebs in India. Come 2018 summer and lace fashion trend is here and you can’t ignore it. Better brace yourself.

Wearing lace outfits can be tricky. Owing to its sheer nature, if not worn right, lace can turn out to be a total wardrobe malfunction. On the other hand, while lace adds elegance and class, too much of it in an outfit can make you look tacky.

However, the fact of the matter is that everyone of any age can wear lace outfit. You just need to maintain the balance and mix-and-match with some other fabric outfit. Confused? Don’t be as Ourtitbits brings to you some  unconventional yet absolutely stunning wardrobe ideas of ultra-feminine, classy and oh-so-sexy lace fashion trend:

  1. Lacy Blazer:

Yes, you read it right. A delicate looking lacy blazer in black or earthy tones is exactly what you need to look ultra-hot this summer.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Raminderbhogal Rimibarmi
  1. Lacy Top:

If you are hesitant to try out lace fashion trend, start off with minimal lace. A little bit of lace on sleeves or hem or on the shoulder will definitely add an extra oomph to your outfit.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Ropa/Karen Bianco V
  1. Lacy Leggings/Pants:

Yes, why not? Since sheer leggings and pants are fast emerging as one of the hottest fashion trends, lacy leggings will soon sell like hot cakes.  Well-Fitted lacy pants like the one shown here will definitely turn many heads, don’t you think so?

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Raminderbhogal Rimibarmi
  1. Lacy Skirt:

What can be a more feminine and attractive than a skirt made of lace? Choose the length as per your comfort but do try out an A-line lace skirt this summer. You will definitely love it.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/ Raminderbhogal Rimibarmi &
  1. Lacy Dress:

A body-hugging short dress, made of lace looks ultra-classy and drool-worthy. Just remember to line it up with a cotton or satin fabric.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Raminderbhogal Rimibarmi saved from
  1. Lacy Evening Gowns:

Gowns made of lace is already very popular. Be it mermaid gown or bodycon or a ballroom one, a lacy gown is something we all should have in our wardrobe.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Raminderbhogal Rimibarmi
  1. Lace Foot Covers:

Want to hide your not-so-flattering feet? Wear a lace foot cover before putting your stilettos and see the magic unfold.

Pic Credit:
  1. Lacy Saree Blouse:

Yes, the lace blouse is here to stay. Stock up in more colors for this summer.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Almita Enai
  1. Lace Saree:

We can’t get over how serene and divine a lace saree can look when paired sensibly with fineness. A must have.

Pic Credit: Talking Threads
  1. Lace Accessories:

Lace is everywhere. Lace boot, lace collar, lace socks, lace lingerie, lace wedding glove- a hint of lace can add instant glamour and charisma to your outfit in a jiffy.

Pinterest/Kavina Shah


So, what’s the hold-up? We are sure that you are ready to try at least one lace piece. Just remember, don’t go overboard. Less is more!

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