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‘Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz Is The Perfect Dream Debut,’ Says Zain Khan Durrani In Exclusive Interview

Zain Khan Durrani Opens Up About His Journey In Exclusive Interview With Ourtitbits

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2018)

Chances are very low that you have missed Onir’s Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz trailer. And we know exactly what are you thinking- who is that guy? Is he a prince out from our childhood fairy tales or some Greek God out of nowhere?

Deep eyes, even deeper voice and equally deeper soul, meet the toast of this year’s Valentine, actor and poet Zain Khan Durrani. This handsome young actor from Kashmir is going to make his big Bollywood debut in Onir’s next talked-about movie “Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz,” trailer of which is already creating waves on the internet.

“Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz” is set to release on Feb. 16, just in time with this year’s Valentine’s Day. The movie also stars the beautiful and the very talented actress Geetanjali Thapa, who is best known for her mind-blowing work in “Liar’s Dice.” The movie touches upon social taboos attached around vitiligo, loneliness in the present age and how love still finds its way in the time of social media and internet.

“This is a perfect Bollywood debut,” gushed Zain Khan Durrani during an exclusive chat with Ourtitbits. “I could not have hoped for a better script, a better director, and a better environment. It was completely amazing. This is definitely a dream debut.”

It’s all ittefaq

It seems that destiny or ittefaq has a very important role not only in Zain’s debut movie but in his personal life as well. As a young boy living in the beautiful valley of Kashmir, young Zain often used to dream about movies and being a part of one.

“Coming from Srinagar, where there are no theatres, this was always a distant dream. I was preparing for public services, but movies and acting remained my passion and first love.”

After completing school in Kashmir, Zain moved to Delhi. He completed his graduation from Zakir Hussain College after which fate took its interesting turn and destiny came calling.

“It happened very strangely as I had no links or contacts with anyone in the film industry before. In 2014, there were auditions being done by Anticlock Films in Delhi. Ambika Suri, the wife of Sanjay Suri, was conducting auditions for a previous movie of Onir.

A friend of mine in Mumbai was sitting with one of his friends when he came to know about this audition call. He immediately messaged me about it and told me to try my luck as the description suited me perfectly. I had my exams, but I still went!

The audition space was filled with professional models and I felt out of space for the longest time, but in the end, I made it. Eventually, I did a music video for them.

Later, Onir met me in Delhi and asked me to come to Mumbai and give a screen test. Since I was pretty young and still undergoing training, he asked me to assist him in “Shab” as I knew nothing about movie making. Later, he offered me ‘Kuchh Bhhege Alfaaz’.”

Trust, faith, preparation and passion triumph over skepticism

The decision to move from Delhi to Mumbai was not an easy one. But Zain had full trust in his mentor.

“At the start, a lot of people, especially from Kashmir, were skeptical about the move and my decision. However, my parents supported and trusted me thoroughly.

And I was really confident since Onir was mentoring me. He was there in the whole process. I put my trust and faith wholeheartedly which is now bearing fruit.”

Shooting “Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz” was not a cake walk. To get into the skin of the character, Zain left no stone unturned and made sure that he plays the part perfectly.

“A lot of different things went into the preparation. We, I and Onir, used to have long sessions where we build up a backstory of the character. It was pretty much an organic process.

I am playing an RJ in the movie, I had to get my act right. It’s a totally different art altogether. As an RJ, you have to connect with an audience whom you cannot see. I met a few RJs. RJ Anirudh told me to speak into the mic as if you are whispering in someone’s ears.

And yes, I have to stop working out for a long time. Since working out takes away the softness and RJ Alfaaz is nowhere like that.”

Poetic Side

Sample this.

Much to our surprise, just like his on-screen character of RJ Alfaaz, Zain is also a poet. A lot of similarities here, right?

“In a lot of ways, yes. My poetry too is mostly into romantic space. I started writing when I was 13 or 14 years. In fact, there is a bit of us always in the character that we play.”

On ‘Kuchh Bheegey Alfaaz’

Definitely, the mutual trust, pure love, and faith have seemed to have crept into the movie too. The trailer has been garnering great reviews and has created quite a buzz among movie buffs.

“It’s quite overwhelming. It’s a good feeling that people are loving the trailer. People are liking the chemistry and they feel that it is a sweet and beautiful love story. I am sure that they will feel the same when they will see the movie.”

Apart from Zain’s unbelievably good looks and fascinating voice, it is his chemistry with Geetanjali that makes the trailer refreshing and quite a treat to watch.

“Working with Geetanjali was so much pleasure. She is so dedicated. All the people on the set were in love with her. Absolutely head-over-heels in love with her. When I finally met her, I found her more endearing than what I had heard.

She has this beautiful aura and charm about her. That really helps when you have such a beautiful and calm person on the sets.”

Zain Khan Durrani

Is Zain Khan Durrani the next big Khan?

Zain is here for a long haul and is here to stay.

“I would love to do many more good roles. Acting is my passion, my first love- all that and more.”

Well, we wish the same for you, Zain Khan Durrani and are waiting eagerly for Feb. 16 when we can finally fall in love all over again with Onir’s next offering “Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz.”

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