Here Are 9 Best Things To Watch On Amazon Prime This December

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2018)

December is fascinating. While the chill in the air cajoles us to stay inside, long evenings come with its own burden of boredom and ennui.

To bring some cheer and excitement in your lives, we have the perfect recipe. So, bring out your bowl of soup and your comfy blankie as Ourtitbits brings to you the list of things to watch on Amazon Prime Video:

  1. Mirzapur:


A perfect watch for you if you are still pining for Sacred Games Season 2. With Pankaj Tripathi at his best alongside very under-rated Vikrant Masssey,  this crime thriller is surely worth your time. Not to forget other stellar cast- Rasika Duggal, Ali Fazal, Divyendu Sharm, Shriya Pilgaonkar and Kulbhushan Khanrbanda. Definitely, a dekko if you have not seen this one yet!

Click here to watch it now.

  1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2:

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Many of us were yet to discover this gem on Amazon Prime until Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 1 swept 70th Primetime Emmy Awards this year.  So, on a cold evening, if you wish to take a break and get completely transported to a different world, this series is  THE thing for you. The Season 1 was about a perfect woman leading a perfect life in the 1950s in New York with her perfect husband and kids until one day she discovers her husband’s infidelity and as well as her hidden talent of doing impromptu stand up comedy.

Season 2 has returned with 10 enchanting episodes, picks up right where season one ended. So watch it for an unexpectedly strong and unapologetic female character, immaculate period costumes, breathtaking setting, and some awesome cinematography. Watch it now.

  1. Homecoming:


The series stars Julia Roberts. Need we say more about it?

This is a super-engaging  American psychological thriller that follows Heidi Bergman, a former caseworker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a special purpose live-in facility run by the Geist Group. It appears that the purpose of the facility is to ostensibly help soldiers transition to civilian life but all is not true that meets the eye.

Click here to watch.

  1. This Is Us:

This Is Us

This tear-jerking story of Kevin, Kate and Randall, three siblings, who go through unique personal struggles at different periods of time as they try to find happiness and get over a tragedy in their past, is gonna leave you stunned for days. Definitely one of the things to watch on Amazon Prime.

Click here to watch.

  1. Downsizing:


Although Downsizing is wrongly placed under Comedy movies as it is definitely NOT a goofball, raunchy comedy, it is still an interesting and engaging watch. In this sci-fi movie starring Matt Damon,  a married couple, decide to undergo an irreversible and permanent scientific procedure that shrinks them to a height of five inches so that they can lead a more peaceful life in a secluded community. However, things do not go as planned.

The first half of the movie is pretty good with a detailed process of downsizing shown with its implications and practicalities. However, the latter half somehow falls flat.

Click here to watch.

  1. Kaksha Gyarvi:

Kaksha Gyarvi

Zakir Khan is back, this time reminiscing his teenage years and the things that come along with it.  The whole act is a hilarious ride that focuses on growing-up years- bullying to friendship, from camaraderie to basic survival instinct to first crush, and that too,  in the 90s with nuggets of his wisdom thrown in here and there.

Click here to watch.

  1. God Friended Me:

God Friended Me

This American comedy-drama series walks you through the life of an atheist podcaster as his life is turned upside down when God adds him as a friend on a social media networking site. And little does he know that he is unwittingly becoming an agent of change in the lives and destinies of others around him.

Click here to watch.

  1. Tumbbad:

If you have missed this historical period fantasy horror film in the cinemas, this is the time to catch up. The movie simply plays with your mind and creates a surreal illusion. Some of you might find it a little too deep and disturbing, but all those horror fans of out there, you will be reminded of some of the most memorable Hollywood movies in the. This one is genuinely scary.

Click here to watch.

  1. Pataakha:


One of the highly underrated movies of 2018, Patakha is a pleasant watch. Do watch this Vishal Bharadwaj work as he showcases the two warring flammable girls with savage tongues filled with never-heard-before curses out for each other’s throat at the drop of a nail.  One of the most raw and entertaining things to watch on Amazon Prime.

Click here to watch.

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