‘Except Zee5, Everyone Wanted To Alter My Story,’ Sunny Leone Reveals At Karenjit Kaur Season 2 Launch

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2018)

Sunny Leone, who is all set for the release of Karenjit Kaur Season 2, is happy that she got the chance to share her life story unfiltered and unaltered. Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi on Sept. 12, the actress said that every production house and medium, except Zee5, wanted to change and dramatize her life story to make it into a biopic.

The 37-year-old actress added that her life has been such an emotional roller coaster that it was virtually impossible to fit everything in a 3-hour movie and that’s why she chose the medium of internet. However, almost every other production house wanted to change her story to add more drama and scandal.

“At first, when the producers came to me wanting to make a web series about my life I said ‘no’ because I had shot a documentary and that experience was not good,” said the actress. “But then they said that they want to show my family life and childhood, my upbringing and my relationships with my father, mother and husband, and that’s what made me say ‘yes’.”

“We waited for the right company to accept me and my story as it is. This production house (ZEE5) did not tamper with the story.”

Mai apni story kyu change karoo?,” exclaimed Sunny in her cute accented Hindi.

“But I am happy that I got to tell the truth, no matter how difficult it was for me.”

Karenjit Kaur Season 2 is set to release on Zee5 on Sept. 18. While the season 1 ended on Sunny’s foray into the world of Vivid Entertainment’s projects, Karenjit Kaur season 2 is expected to take Sunny aka Karenjit Kaur’s story forward.

The actress also claimed that the season 2 is going to be more emotional. Speaking of her toughest moments while shooting, she revealed that reliving the moments with her reel-parents and shooting their death scenes were the biggest challenges.

“If there is anybody in the audience who has lost their mom or dad, they will understand what it feels like,” said Sunny in a choked voice. “You bury the sorrow and you heal from the situation. Yes, they are not my real parents but the feelings are real.”

The mother-of-three also declared that family moments are the most important things for her. The actress has adopted a two-year-old girl in 2016 and welcomed twin boys earlier this year.

“Since I lost mine (family), a lot of the family moments that are in my life, is the most important thing for me,” she added. “My marriage is very important to me. Getting Nisha was the most amazing moment”.

Speaking on the prospects of Karenji Kaur Season 3, the actress quipped that she would love to see it happening though nothing is sure as of now and it depends on how well season two performs.

After watching Karenjit Kaur Season 1, we can’t wait for Sept. 18 when Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone Season 2 will start streaming on Zee5. Until then, be ready, download the app while watching the trailer right here:

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