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‘Everyone Will Relate To Dil Jo Na Keh Saka’- Say Lead Stars Himansh Kohli, Priya Banerjee In Exclusive Interview

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(Last Updated On: April 5, 2018)

First love is something no one can easily forget. It may get buried with time, but is never wiped off from your heart. Sometimes it tugs your heartstrings, sometimes it brings tears, and sometimes you just ponder on all the things that Dil Jo Na Keh Saka.

Yeah, love is definitely in the air, all thanks to recently released Dil Jo Na Keh Saka trailer and music. While you will not be able to watch the movie anytime before Nov. 17, here we have an exclusive glimpse of the movie, and that too, straight from the movie’s cast- handsome hunk Himansh Kohli and Canadian beauty Priya Banerjee.

So, sit back as we bring to you the excerpts from Ourtitbits’ exclusive chat with Himansh and Priya:

From the trailer, Dil Jo Na Keh Saka movie seems to be a romantic one. Speaking about romance, tell us about your first love?

HK: First love happens in that particular age when you realize that there is something in your life called love. I would definitely say it was one of my teachers in school (laughs).

PB: My first love? (laughs) It has to be my dog. I am going to get a tattoo of her name. I am pretty obsessed with her, she is like my first child. In humans, if you really ask me, it would be back home when I was really young I had a crush on somebody. Other than that, I think I have not experienced first love yet. I have been into relationships, but the sort of love that you see in movies or read in books- I haven’t experienced it yet.

Dil Jo Na Keh Saka looks like a friends-turned-lovers kind of story. Is it that or something else?

HK: Dil Jo Na Keh Saka is about those people who want to express their love, but are scared to lose their friends. But later they realize they should have expressed themselves earlier. I am sure a lot of people will definitely connect with the movie. Kyuki  sabki life mei aisa time aata hai ki jab aapko lagta hai ki mujhe keh hi dena chahiye thha uss samay.

The film is about two childhood friends who grew up together. They don’t even realize how much they love each other. Jay (my character) loves  Sia, but then he is really hesitant to confess in front of her. When they move towards their different professional goals, they start realizing how much they loved each other. The best thing in the movie is how Jay finally confesses his love to Sia. That’s the best one.

PB: The movie is all about Jay and Sia. They are childhood sweethearts, but not like lovers, as best friends. They practically cannot function without each other. They have always been in love and they never realized till they see each other with someone else. In fact, most of the songs in the movie are dream songs since they refrain from confessing their true feelings to each other.

Dil Jo Na Keh Saka is content-driven one. Youngsters will easily relate to it. When you will watch the movie, not for a second, you will feel that yeh kya bana diya. It’s so real.

Tell us something about your characters. Did you relate to your characters instantly or you had to work on it?

HK: I could easily relate to the character. He is of the same age and from North. He is ambitious, just like me. There are many similarities between Jay and me- he is very romantic in nature and so am I. And I also think that the storyline, the characters, and the dialogues are so real that I could easily emote and even felt ki aise dialogues maine apni regular life mei bahut boley hongey.

PB: As a character, I did relate to Sia on some levels. We both are ambitious. She also loves her family and my life also revolve around my family. But on the love angle, if I would ever fell so madly in love with someone as Sia was in the movie, I would say it rather than keeping it to myself.

Do you also believe that a boy and a girl can never be just good friends?

HK: (laughs) No, of course, they can. A boy and a girl can be very good friends but sometimes it’s not about just being friends, yaar. It’s all about taking it further and how to convey your feelings without hurting the girl.

PB: No. I have some amazing guy friends since I was a kid. At times, it does happen to a lot of people that they don’t realize that they are actually in love.

Were you at any point of time apprehensive about taking this movie since this is Naresh Lalwani’s first big project as a director?

HK: Ok, there is a very funny story behind this. I met Naresh Ji for the first time in August 2015 in T-Series office when he told me he is thinking about making a new movie. When I met him, I felt a very warm vibe and I felt strongly to work with him. When I asked further about the movie and the moment he told me this oneliner- Dil Jo Na Keh Saka, trust me, since that one day, I felt strongly to be a part of this movie. I started calling him daily ki, Sir woh romantic movie love story ka kya hua.

Because you don’t get such good stories. I have done many stories but this is one story with which I could easily relate to. This was a perfect role for me.

PB: Due to his family connections, Naresh ji was familiar with filmmaking. But what I loved the most when he narrated the story to me is that I could see the story in his eyes. And also because this is his own story. So one thing I was pretty sure was woh jab bhi film banyengey, bahut pyaar se banayengey. And actually, he has made the movie with so much love and emotion.

How was it on the sets? Did you guys get along well?

HK: Everybody on the set was very young. There was too much of fun. We became like one big family. I would even count my co-actors who were not of the same age but were much more happening than us sometimes. To add on to that, Naresh Ji was always full of positive energy all the time.

The shooting went on very smoothly. One thing that happened is that we were supposed to shoot a song at a pass, 200 km drive from Shimla. But we had to step back due to weather problem. We were all discussing what to do and suddenly we were told let’s shoot this song in London.

London was nowhere in the schedule as we were told earlier that the movie will be shot only in Shimla and Mumbai. I could again feel ki yeh film bahut pyaar se ban rahi hai. I had never been to Shimla or London, so it became easier for me to relate to the character, be the character and explored the places like my character.

PB: Yeah, we were like a house on fire. I and Himansh became amazingly good friends. He is a really sweet person to work with. We never had any issues. We got along very well and were very comfortable with each other to show Jay and Siya’s story. The shooting in Shimla was too much fun.

Considering the fact that both of you are outsiders, how films happened to you?

HK: I wanted to act since I was a child. I was a big fan of Kaka (Rajesh Khanna). So for me, there was no other genre in Cinema than romance. My parents always supported me but they wanted me to complete my studies first. After completing studies from Amity University (mera ghar), when I was working with Radio Mirchi, I got an opportunity to work on a Channel V show. I joined the show instantly as I felt my destiny is calling me. I always wanted to be an actor.

 PB: I always enjoyed drama and theatre but becoming an actress was never my childhood dream. After graduation, I took a break and came to India to connect with my roots. Out of nowhere, I was asked to audition for a South film. I did not know back then that among 200 other girls, they would pick me. After that, lots of things are happening and I am still in the process. I also have four other projects coming up very soon.

Talking with Himansh Kohli and Priya Banerjee was so much fun. The whole conversation has further piqued our interest in Dil Jo Na Keh Saka and we can’t wait for Nov. 17 to come when we can finally watch the love-filled story of Jay and Siya unfold on big screens.

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