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Birth Of Bhasmasur: Heart-to-Heart Talk With Writer Raghav Dutt As He Opens Up About Journey Of Movie Bhasmasur

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(Last Updated On: April 5, 2018)

“It all started with a simple discussion that lasted for four days!”

The enthusiastic boyish voice greets you and instantly put you at ease. The child-like innocence in the voice does not at all give away the image of someone who is the master of his craft at a young age of 25. Meet Raghav Dutt, the man, along with director Nishil Sheth, behind the birth of Bhasmasur as well as the co-dialogue writer of the much-talked-about upcoming film “RIBBON.”


Photo Credit – Punit Reddy

Raghav is someone who has honed his skills on the job. With no interest in reading or writing during childhood, it was the theatre group, that he joined soon after moving from Moradabad to Mumbai, that brought out his inner talent. With a couple of interesting lyrics in his kitty (“Lal Gend” from “Hansa,” and “Tu Joota Mei Feeta” from “Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi”), he went on to write and direct the well-received play “Baawla,” before Bollywood came calling.

“While doing Baawla, my co-star and good friend Trimala Adhikari got me in touch with Nishil Sheth,” Raghav told during an exclusive chat with Ourtitbits. “Nishil was bubbling with ideas and had recently left Assistant Direction to plunge into filmmaking. He called me up one day and said he wanted to discuss something. We met at my place where he introduced to me an idea that he had in mind.

We talked on continuously for hours, that quickly converted into days. After intense discussion of four continuous days, the draft of Bhasmasur took shape. Nishil was adamant to start the shoot without wasting much time. With limited funds in hand, we kick-started our first phase of filming in the interiors of Rajasthan.”

Bhasmasur is a unique film that touches upon the life of people who live on the periphery of the society. The movie explores the debt-ridden life of Dhanu and the bonding of his son Tipu with his pet donkey in the backdrop of interiors of Rajasthan.

The first schedule of shooting in Rajasthan was very tough. The conditions were harsh (read 45-degree temperature) and with the lack of funds, the movie’s shooting was almost a mammoth task.

“Imagine, humare paas ek hi jeep thhi, jissey hum paani mangwatey they. Aur paise kam they toh we used to cook own food. Ek din jeep breakdown ho gayi, paani nai aaya toh uss din khaana hi nahi bana.”

However, Nishil and Raghav’s combined skills worked in the film’s favor in a big way. Nishil’s strong editing background and great hold over technical aspects “got soul” in Raghav’s writing and together with their youthful, hardworking and enthusiastic team, not to forget lead actor Imran Rasheed, pulled the movie through to finishing.

“Bhasmasur” trailer has already created quite a lot of buzz online. The movie is set for its World Premiere today at Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. It will be screened again on Oct. 13th and 16th. Go watch it for the love of sensible, heart touching cinema.


Apart from “Bhasmasur,” the amazingly relatable dialogues (that Raghav has co-written with Manjiri Pupala) from the upcoming film RIBBON are also something that is creating waves online. RIBBON is the directorial debut of Rakhee Sandilya, starring web-series star Sumeet Vyas and versatile actress Kalki Koechlin.


While we can’t stop ourselves marveling at the dialogues that we heard in RIBBON trailer (watch it here once again), Raghav told us that it is due to his combined effort with Manjiri along with the correct guidance from Rakhee and Rajeev Upadhyay that we are able to hear those amazingly relatable lines.

“Rakhee and Rajeev Bhai made sure that I don’t go ‘filmy’ and pen down the lines exactly the way a modern age couple speaks nowadays.”

Well, our curiosities are further piqued over RIBBON but for that, we have to wait till Nov. 3 for it’s release. Meanwhile, Mumbaikars, do go and watch Bhasmasur World Premiere today and fall in love with this heart touching innocent bond of a child with his pet donkey.

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