Anushka Sharma’s Strange Expression At Dhoni’s Birthday Is Now A Viral Meme

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2018)

It is your husband’s friend’s birthday party. And you are feeling left out. And someone clicks the pic with that annoyed look on your face. This seems to be Anushka Sharma’s weekend story.

Well, Anushka Sharma’s awkward click has made its way into the internet and is now a meme-of-the-moment. It was her annoyance over people wasting food or just a passing moment that got frozen in the camera and is now a very unlikely picture of the otherwise ever-happy actress.

It so happened that M.S. Dhoni’s 37th birthday (yay happy birthday!) and he celebrated it during India’s tour of England in Bristol. Among those present were not just with his family but also his teammates, but one thing that completely stole the show was Anushka’s expression in one of the clicks.

Don’t believe us? Have a look below.

Although it is still not known why the actress was so annoyed, her recent outrage over a Mumbai man over littering is leading us to believe that she just might be fuming over the waste of cake. Whatever the reason may be, Twitterati found it meme-worthy.

Here are some of the absolute hilarious reactions:

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