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Why Is Twitter Going ROFL Over #Shweta? Mystery Revealed

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2021)

We know what you are wondering RN. You are amused over #Shweta and the recent flood of memes, right? 

Not even a whole day has passed after the hysteria #pawrihorahihai when the internet is witnessing another overwhelming flood of memes. This time, it’s some mysterious name Shweta that is seen floating around. 

All this hullabaloo is over online group call. In the past year, we have witnessed many goof-ups and blunders on zoom and other such calls. Some of them were too hilarious and some were too disastrous to be shared on a public forum. And the recent one falls somewhat in the latter category.

Well, it all happened in a college online call when a girl named Shweta started giving juicy and exciting detail of her apparent confidant on a phone call without realizing the microphone was not muted.

As the girl continued to give detail by detail of someone else’s extremely private life to someone totally unrelated, other people on the call told her repeatedly to mute her mic. But all the effort was in vain as the girl was seemingly too busy to give every last detail. 

The video of the call, which has now been shared on social media, goes on for well over 2 minutes.  

Disclaimer: Strong language. Listeners’ discretion is advised.

Irony is Shweta shared some private details about a boy, who had asked her to keep everything secret. Someone can be heard correctly towards the end, ‘ab ye 111 logo ko pata chal gaya.”

The otherwise innocent goof-up has broken the floodgates of memes. Well, all we can feel is sorry about the boy whom Shweta was speaking about.


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