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WhatsApp Coming Up With Own New Set Of Emojis

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2017)

Good news for WhatsApp dwellers! Your favorite instant messaging service is set to get more exciting as a new set of emojis is expected to roll out very soon.

WhatsApp has recently unveiled its own set of emoji for the first time for Android beta version 2.17.364 . The broader rollout of the platform is to be expected in the coming times.

The recently released new set of WhatsApp emojis uses Unicode’s latest standard, Emoji 5.0, as told by Emojipedia. It also implies that some of the new emoji inside WhatsApp are not present on iOS as of yet.

At first look, WhatsApp new set of emojis look quite similar to the current iOS emoji, which the messaging has adopted, even on Android phones. However, there are some slight as well as some major changes that can be seen in the new set.

The development seems to be exciting as messaging service’s 1.3 billion users will now have some new emojis to play around with. Interestingly, while some newly introduced emoji has hardly any difference from Apple version, there will some all-new series of these tiny cartoons.

For example, there is a small group of fantasy emoji in WhatsApp Beta version which is not available on iOS. This exciting new group has a male and female emoji for angel, vampire, djinn, and zombie.

Pic Credit: Emojipedia

Apart from that, the new Beta version has a slew of new yet similar looking people profession emoji as compared to the currently used one. It is still not clear what prompted the trial of new emoji set. Neither the messaging service nor its owner Facebook has given any public statement about the motive.


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