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Forget Facebook-WhatsApp, Go Neighbourly With Google’s New App

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

In what appears to be a giant leap in its progress in social media, Google unveiled its latest, tailor-made app for India namely, Neighbourly. The app is deemed as the hyper-local social questions-and-answers app, which may emerge as the one-stop destination for all your queries very soon.

Needless to say, Neighbourly is Google’s answer to Facebook and WhatsApp in India. Launched as a part of Google’s Next Billion Users program, the app has been launched in Mumbai and will soon expand to other cities.

Google’s new app will let people share local expertise and crucial information with others in the vicinity- all this without participating in group chats that keep getting bigger and noisier with the continuous inflow of “good morning” messages. Under this app, the users can browse, ask and answer questions without sharing personal information as the app only shows the first name while keeping the phone number, full name and other information private, NDTV reported.

Isn’t this is what we exactly wanted? All thanks to the advent of Facebook and later WhatsApp, Google was almost nowhere in the world of social media. However, with most of the population, especially the young users and Millenials, getting fed up of loads of irrelevant information and looking for other platforms to migrate, Google’s Neighbourly may just emerge as the next big thing in India.

Also, the latest buzz over data leak and the whole hullabaloo over Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is already in a soup. Apparently sensing the masses’ apprehension and the rising distrust, Google has made sure the data of its app’s users remain secure and private.

Users will be able to post, answer, and follow questions on Neighbourly, and there is a feedback system as well to rate answers. The most reliable answers to questions appear on top. Notably, the app does not have a direct messaging feature, and only questions can be followed, not users.

Also, the app lets people ask questions in eight Indian languages so far, thereby making it accessible to people regardless of their social strata. Well, so far Neighbourly appears to be more friendly and local version of Quora. Isn’t it?

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