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These 4 Messaging App Will Make You Forget WhatsApp

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2018)

With the never-ending inflow of Goodmorning, positive-thinking, wellness and what not messages, aren’t you too fed up with WhatsApp?

By now, almost every one of us is addicted to WhatsApp. Yes, addicted is the right word here and not an exaggeration. This messaging app is the last thing we check before shutting our eyes in the night and the first thing we check on waking up. But why?

No matter how used to we are with this messaging app, you cannot deny that WhatsApp is a sheer waste of time. And no, by this we don’t mean messaging to your near and dear ones, but issues of privacy and fake messages that comes as its part.

But what if you can leave WhatsApp altogether and still indulge in non-stop free chat? Here is the list of a few messaging apps that you may like to use instead of WhatsApp:

  1. Hike:

Very popular among college students, Hike gives everything that WhatsApp give minus its flaws. Best known for its privacy features, Hike allows users to hide their private chats using a password. To add on to the fun are unlimited huge stickers, live cricket scores, news and other features.

  1. Telegram:

Telegram is easily the best alternative to WhatsApp if you dare to take the plunge. This app too allows users to send and receive encrypted messages but it differs from WhatsApp with features like supergroups of up to 5,000 people, public channels, usernames, ability to share files of up to 1.5 GB, passcode lock and self-destructing messages. And a very enticing feature is real-time synchronisation of messages across various platforms. So if you start typing some message on your smartphone, you can finish that on your lappy and send. Interesting, right?

  1. Wire:
Pic Credit: CIO

Comparatively a fresh messaging app, Wire has gained popularity in a short time owing to its beautiful interface and unique features like group video call (up to 10 people), self-destructing messages, ability to delete messages from recipient devices and link previews.

  1. Viber:

Viber lacks nothing in terms of WhatsApp features. Apart from the other common features like end-to-end encryption and shared media, Viber offers that no other here offers. It lets you make video and voice calls but the app goes one step ahead with its Viber Out feature, which lets you make international calls to non-Viber users at nominal rates.

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