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Instagram’s New Feature Will ALERT You If Someone Takes Screenshot

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(Last Updated On: April 12, 2019)

Ever tempted to take a screenshot of some hottie on Instagram? Oh, you do it all the time? Great, because you may soon start getting noticed for it.

Have you heard about Instagram’s new feature? This social media is rolling out a new feature under which it will alert users whenever a screenshot of their Story will be taken. Not only that, this picture sharing site will mark the screenshot-taking user by stamping it with a shutter-shaped icon.

So if something like this appears next time on someone’s profile, you will know what it means. Does not a similar feature exist in Snapchat too? Anyway, it was much-needed!

Pic Credit: Uber Gizmo

It seems that the Facebook-owned site will initially take a lenient stand. A primitive warning before taking the screenshot will appear on the user’s app when he/she is trying to click.

“Next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see,” the warning message will read.

Instagram’s new feature is still in a test mode and will slowly be rolled out for users across the world. If the update has not come to you, it will come soon.

So, basically, to see who took a screenshot of your story, you simply have to go to the list of story viewers. If you see a new camera shutter logo next to anyone, it implies that this person has taken a screenshot of your pic.

However, as the saying goes- where there is a will, there is a way, or rather a sneaky bypass. It turns out that Instagram’s new feature has its own loopholes and there are several other ways to click a screenshot and still be unknown.

Like, if someone takes a screenshot of your story with their phone set on airplane mode, then you might not get to know about the screenshot. Also, there are some third-party apps like Story Reposter, using which others can still take your Story’s screenshot.

Hope you have not missed this super-exciting upcoming feature in Facebook.

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