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These Desi #GonnaTellMyKids Memes Will Leave You In Splits

How and Where #GonnaTellMyKids Originated?

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2019)

Twitter can sometimes throw at us the hashtags we have never heard before or let’s admit it, never could have otherwise imagined before. And the latest one in the series is #GonnaTellMyKids in which internet users are viciously scheming to mislead their kids (some of the users are kids themselves) by giving them an absolute incorrect image of significant important historical figures for apparently no good reason but just plain fun.

#GonnaTellMyKids originated sometime in September but has picked up steam lately. The hashtag has roots back to Twitter user @Wake_n_Bacon who uploaded  gonna tell my kids in 2055 that this was Justin Trudeau showing a cartoon which refers to Trudeau’s Brownface Controversy.

The hashtag was picked again Twitter user @_MTGBayBee who posted a photo of Lil Wayne with the caption “Im telling my kids this is Bill Gates. Many similar tweets erupted and soon it got all out of control.

The hashtag found its way to India as well where Desi users are comparing some totally unrelated things. The idea is to pick up iconic historical figures, celebrities, movie characters, or any significant moment they witnessed in their lifetimes and pair it up with someone who matches a vibe or radiates similar energy (at least to them).

As the hashtag became viral, people are picking random things and results are obviously hilarious AF.



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