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This Is How You Can Check How Much Time You Spend On Facebook, Instagram

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2018)

Do you also find yourself wandering aimlessly through Facebook and Instagram only to realize you have wasted more than an hour over nothing?

It seems Facebook can read our nerves. Just the other day when we were discussing how someone should jolt us whenever we tend to scroll endlessly on Facebook and Instagram, the giant itself has done the honour. Social media platforms Facebook and Instagram have announced new tools which will show the amount of time you end up spending (read wasting!) on them.


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The new feature will not only let you check the amount of time spend, but will also let you set a time limit to be spent on both Facebook and Instagram. Also, the new feature will send you alerts if you exceed more than a set amount of time on either app and daily reminders of how much time you spent browsing the previous day.

The new feature called “Your Time on Facebook” will let you know just how much time you spend liking posts, watching videos, stalking ex’s profile, and endlessly debating politics on the platform. The feature is slowly being added to most user’s option while the full rollout is expected in a couple of weeks.

Pic Credit: Your EDM

To make use of this feature, all you have to do is to go to settings where you will soon see “Your Time on Facebook” icon. A dashboard, showing your average time on that device, will appear at the top. Tap any bar to see your total time for that day.

Instagram users will find this feature as “Your Activity” under setting. However, a major loophole here is that the feature will only track usage by device. It means it won’t tally up how much time you spend on Facebook on both your phone and iPad and won’t measure your use in a web browser at all.

Don’t know whether will this feature will be of any good or not in kicking this definitely unhealthy habit of roaming from one social media to another.

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