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Underwater Festival: Come, Be A Part Of India’s Own Scuba Diving Event

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2017)

Ever thought of partying under water? No, don’t think about Malaysia or Thailand as India is soon going to have its very own Underwater Festival in Pune on Sept. 10.

Yes, you read it right! Underwater Festival, which otherwise seems to be a foreign concept, is happening right here in Pune. In fact, this will be the festival’s third edition.

And the best part of the upcoming underwater festival is that you don’t have to be an expert diver or even a swimmer to take part in it. The activities are designed in a way to embrace all-swimmers, non-swimmers and even physically disabled people.

Pic Credit: Underwater Festival


Underwater Festival kicked started its first edition in Pune in November 2016. After seeing a positive response, the founders, Kshitij Mittal and Ankit Saboo, founder of FinKick, took the festival to a bigger territory in Mumbai, where the event was attended by close to some 1000 enthusiasts.

The festival offers a plethora of underwater activities like underwater hockey, dive games, and free-diving. Some activities like underwater playground can be enjoyed by non-swimmers as well along with underwater scribble board and selfie station. Isn’t it cool?

The event will also have many exciting ground activities like slack lining & water lining with pro athletes, underwater photography exhibitions, and a zone to meet divers and instructors from all over the country.  All this with endless music and food- sounds like a perfect party!

Pic Credit: Facebook/Underwater Festival

Even if diving is safe and harmless if done under proper supervision, many of us in India may get the jitters at the mere thought of going underwater. However, FinKick’s Underwater Festival is slowly and steadily changing this perception.

“Over our last 2 events, our reach in terms of the number of people hearing about such a thing happening has been more than 50 lakh people, combining online and offline traction,” Ankit told Ourtitbits in an exclusive. “That in itself is a first step in being a game changer when it comes to promoting diving as a safe activity for everyone.”

Interestingly, along with creating awareness about scuba diving, Underwater Festival also aims at bringing people closer to the ocean and its diversities.

“The festival provides an amazing opportunity for people to experience and learn about diving and hence get to the ocean eventually,” said the underwater expert. “Once they dive in the ocean, they become the ambassadors and would always fight for keeping our oceans healthy.”

So, instead of going to a movie or just wasting away your Sunday,  grab your own towel, swimming costume, and loads of enthusiasm and head to Finkick Adventures SCUBA Diving Center in Pune on Sept. 10 for a lifetime experience. Book your tickets here and see you there!!!


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