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Travel Abroad To These Beautiful Countries Having Cheaper Currency And Splurge!!

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2018)

Travelling abroad is a different experience altogether. Different people, different landscape, different culture- one must experience all of these over and over again in a lifetime.

However, going for a vacation abroad every second year is not everybody’s cup of tea- considering the expenses that are met, especially in popular tourist destination U.S. and U.K. Don’t lose heart, as you can still visit many beautiful places in this world whose currency is cheaper than our Indian rupee, and be a king!

Ourtitbits have an exclusive list of some of the most amazing places in this world with cheaper currency than the Indian rupee. Let’s have a closer look here to plan your next memorable trip:

  1. Paraguay:

Landlocked between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, Paraguay is the cheapest country in the world. Not only the rent and food are cheaper, one Indian rupee is equal to 88 One Paraguayan Guarani.

  1. Costa Rica:

The Central American country is known for its jaw dropping beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. The country will not only give you an untouched virgin feel with the high range of animals, plants, and clean air, it will make you a king as just one rupee in your pocket will fetch you nine Costa Rican Colon.

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  1. Hungary:

Travel to Hungary, if you want a European feel without burning a hole in your pocket. Accommodation and food are unexpectedly cheap. The country is known for its beautiful castles and villages with picturesque houses. The fun will increases manifold when you will come to know that one India rupee has four times value in Hungarian Forint.

  1. Tanzania:

This East African country is home to Africa’s highest mountain, a safari mecca, Kilimanjaro National Park and a marine park home complete with whale sharks and coral reef. And the best part is all this with 35 Tanzanian Shillings valued for one rupee.

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5. Sri Lanka:

Famed for its ancient Buddhist ruins, palaces, and frescoes, Sri Lanka will ensure a hassle-free travel with its system of E-visa and visa on arrival facilities available for Indian nationals. With every Indian rupee getting doubled there owing to the exchange rate, you can splurge like a king.

  1. Indonesia:

Home to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Komodo National Park, Tropical Rain Forest, Indonesia is a place every Indian traveler must visit. Bali island in this country is a hot spot for tourists owing to its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. With every Indian rupee standing equal to 200 Indonesian Rupiah, think about all the possibilities!


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