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Plan Your Dream Budget Trip Now With These 10 Simple Yet Effective Tips

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

“Travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” Travelling is one of the most enriching, relaxing and stress busting experience one could ever have. So what if you are tight on budget? Be a budget traveler and the world will be your playground. At least India will, for sure!

If planned properly, a budget trip can be really fun and memorable. To make your task easy, Ourtitbits has come up with some tips on how you can plan a budget trip in India on almost shoestring amount but with tons of fun:

  • Plan In Advance:

Keep ready your list of faraway places you want to visit so that as soon as your college/office hands to you the yearly calendar, you can book your air tickets straight away. You must be wondering how come air travel fits in with a budget trip. But trust us, the amount of time you will save this way will be priceless. For places with an overnight journey, book the train tickets as soon as you can.

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  • Choose Off Season:

There is a huge difference between traveling expense incurred during off season as compared to money spent in peak season. During off season, not only air tickets are cheaper, you can get your desirable hotel room with the best view and that too, at one-third the price. Despite being off season, we had traveled to Goa and Kerala in August and trust us, it was a treat with empty, serene beaches, cheaper food, and steal-priced massage services!

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  • Choose Off Beat Locations:

While planning your vacation at the popular hotspot, go an extra mile and opt for lesser-known cheaper places to stay- Fagu instead of Shimla, Kumarakam instead of Alleppey, Kasol instead of Manali, take your pick from our list of must visit off beat locations here.

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  • Try Homestays:

Ditch swanky hotels and opt for a more enriching and learning experience by staying at Homestays.  Choosing a Homestay over a hotel makes you experience the local culture, taste local cuisine, and hospitality. Apart from looking online, ask around and trust word of mouth.

Pic Credit: Deccan Chronicle


  • Use Local Transport:

When in Rome, move like Romans!  You can save a hell lot of moolah by NOT keeping a taxi with you throughout the stay. Try taking auto rides to your destination at throw away prices or even better, call Uber/Ola if possible. We used Uber services during our vacation in Udaipur and saved enough amount to splurge on local food.


  • Try Local Food:

Speaking about food, ditch the buffet meals of the hotels and go where locals are going. Ask around and opt for a locally popular eating joint. Don’t hesitate to eat at roadside dhabas or dingy looking eating place as they may serve you one of the most satiating meals of your life.


  • Hoard Munchies:

Since ordering room service at odd hours can cost extra, before retiring for the day, head to a local daily store and buy chips, energy bars, biscuits and other munchies to beat that midnight hunger pang. The munchies will especially come in handy if you are traveling with kids and chances are high that you may just stumble upon some locally made chips or cookie.

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  • Head To Flea Market:

Don’t get tempted to buy from shops at tourist hotspots. Instead, head to the less crowded flea market and you may find the same things at much lesser price.


  • Travel In Group:

The more the merrier! Not only it is more fun when you travel in a group, the expense of rides, food, and accommodation also gets spilled, giving a breath of relief to your pockets.


  • Overnight Travel:

Plan your travel in a way that you reach your destination early in the morning. That way you will have one whole day and you will end up saving one day’s tariff for the hotel stay. Bingo!

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