Do You Look Ugly In Selfies? Here Are Some Hacks To Capture Perfect Pic

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2018)

You are getting ready for a party. As you put the last finishing touch and admire yourself lovingly in the mirror, you rush to capture the moment only to delete it immediately. The spurt of happiness is gone and you are convinced that you are not meant for flaunt flawless pics.

For starters, you are not alone. If your reflection in the mirror does not match your camera pic (or it seems so), you need to understand why it happens and more importantly, how can you fix it.

Before we begin, allow us to remind you that the celebs’ so-called “candid” pics that you see are not so candid. Those pics are nowhere near to random shots but are the result of long hours of labour by an entourage (make-up artist, stylist, trainer) and a 100 bad shots. And yes, photoshop!

Pic credit: Instagram/Anushka Sharma

The difference between reflection in the mirror and pic from the camera can be attributed to the fact that eyes see reflections as 3-D images while the image in a pic is a 2 dimensional (flattened) version of yourself.

However, there are some hacks to capture perfect selfies and pictures:

  • Lose the Flash:

The flash does more damage than good.  Avoid using flash whenever you can and make it a point to get clicked outdoors under natural lighting. Good natural lighting can actually make under eye circles and shadows totally disappear.

Photo by Tommy Huang from Pexels

Tip: Take a piece of white paper and hold it underneath your chin, which creates a natural bounce of light, illuminates the face.

  • No Forced Smile:
Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

The root of the problem here is that we try too hard. When you pose and give that smile,  your facial muscles tense giving away an awkward or weird look. Just relax and never put a fake smile.

  • Chin Down, Camera Up:
Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Make it a thumb rule to keep your chin just at the right angle. Taking a pic from a lower angle ensures the popping of an otherwise non-existent double chin. Definitely not flattering.

  • Take Lots Of Selfies:
Pic Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

U.S celeb Kylie Jenner’s best selfie tip is just to take more selfies. In fact, you can try recording your selfie session and then freezing the frames with the best shot.

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