Not Exercising Enough Is Worse For You Than Smoking, Says Recent Study

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

Are you one of those souls who get on with their routine right after waking up? Do you keep postponing plans to go to the gym to next Monday? If yes, in that case, you are playing with fire.

A recent research has proved that not exercising regularly might pose a greater risk to your health than diabetes or heart disease. In fact, not having enough exercise is deemed even worse than smoking.

Yes, you read that right! Your habit of not going out to gym or Yoga or jogging is doing you more harm than you can ever perceive.

The eye-opening findings are published in the journal JAMA Network Open, which shows how researchers at the Cleveland Clinic studied 122,007 patients from 1991 to 2014. The patients were put under treadmill testing and later their mortality rates were recorded.

Researchers have found a clear connection between a longer, healthier life and high levels of exercise. Better cardiorespiratory fitness was linked to living longer, while extreme aerobic fitness provided the greatest benefits, especially to patients over 70 and patients with hypertension, says the report.

Although the fact that exercise is good for our health is widely understood and acknowledged, this is for the first time that such a clear and pronounced conclusion has been deducted logically through research.

In fact, the research also claimed that there is nothing like “too much of exercise.” While looking for the risk of being overactive, researchers found that “ultra” exercisers do not face any higher risk of death. More the better!

Well, accept it! There are very few of us who can actually claim to lead a truly healthy lifestyle. Last month, a study from the World Health Organization found 1.4 billion people globally are physically inactive.

Another report claimed that only 23 percent of Americans were getting enough exercise while  CDC guidelines suggest Americans to get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week, along with muscle-strengthening activities twice a week.

Take this as a wake up call. Join a gym. Or, start jogging. Or, do Yoga daily. Or any other physical activity of your choice but do something.

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