What Does Your Food Craving Indicate About Your Health?

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2018)

Are you also one of those people who often open the fridge to look for something sweet, sometime just after a meal? Do you also wake up with a longing to eat something salty? Or are you the chocoholic? Warning: Do not brush away such food craving as a mere fancy since your body may just trying to tell you an inside secret through these cravings.

Well, who does not suffer from food craving at some point or the other? While a come-and-go fancy is something not to be worried about, a recurrent strong food craving, especially for unhealthy items, may just be your body’s way of warning of some deficiencies. Think about it as an internal body alarm to replenish a necessity.

Do not worry as Ourtitbits has done some digging and decoded some of the most common cravings, and the message they are trying to convey:

  1. Chocolate:

Chocolate craving is easily the most common type of craving. If you crave for chocolate recurringly all the time, chances are high that you’re deficient in the mineral magnesium.

Tip: Have cocoa powder in your diet daily in the form of a smoothie.

  1. Carbs:

If you crave for a bowl of spaghetti or a toast, your body is crying out for a deeper reason- lack of sleep and emotional turbulence. Apparently, if your body is tired or stressed out, it wants a quick hit of energy, which the glucose in carbs provides because it’s easier to use than the energy provided by sources such as protein and fat.

Tip: Exercise gently, fuel your body with good fats and lean protein, and have a good sleep.

  1. Cheese:

Who doesn’t like  a generous serving of cheese slice ?  But again, if you are dying to have a bit on  daily basis, it could be  a sign that you need more fat in your diet.

Tip: Since too much cheese is unhealthy, it will be a good idea to increase the quantity of avocado, coconut or olive oil, nuts and seeds, eggs and quality fish or meat.

  1. Sugar:

Sugar craving is definitely the most common.  If the craving is very strong and recurrent, it is a sign of deficiency of chromium, carbon phosphorous, sulphur, and tryptophan. Eating a sugar item gives an energy high followed by low and this roller coaster leaves you exhausted and wanting for more. Catch 22!

Tips: Fill up on fresh fruit, cheese and sweet potatoes when you have a sweet tooth.

  1. Red Meat:

Dying to eat a mutton curry on every second day? Time for a blood check as it is a clear sign of iron deficiency in the body.


Tip: Try supplements with a gentle iron and B12 drops or a B-complex but only after consulting your physician.

  1. Salty Food:

Craving for salty food is a sign of deficiency of chloride,  which is essential in order for your body to maintain healthy digestion and keep your electrolyte levels in check.

Tips: Instead of munching on salty chips or some other junk, go for lightly salted popcorn, olives, anchovies and other naturally-salty sources.

  1. Fried Foods:

Craving for fried food or rather comfort food could also mean you’re lacking essential fatty acids in your body, such as omega-3 and omega-6.

Tips: Snack on nuts and seeds instead of chips when you get the urge. Better keep some almonds on hand for the pesky food craving.

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