Diwali Decor: 9 Easy-To-Do, Low-Budget, Hassle-Free Ways To Transform Your Walls

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2018)

The walls are definitely the center stage of a house when it comes to décor. While getting the house repainted is no doubt the best option if you want to bring in drastic changes, there are several other quirky and low-budget, hassle-free ways to perk up the walls of your house in a jiffy.

Be it a festive season or a wedding in the house or just a makeover impulse, doing something about the walls would be the ideal way to brighten up your space. Here are 9 easy-to-do, quirky, low-budget, hassle-free ways to transform the walls of your house and have a great time:

  1. Photo Wall:
Pic Credit: Pinterest

A blank wall in the passageway or along the staircase can become the center of the house with the addition of some beautiful family pictures in simple frames. Go through your collection, get them framed simply in different sizes, arrange them haphazardly on the wall and voila! Your own wall of memories is ready.

  1. Tapestry:
Pic Credit: Pinterest

Before you throw away that traditional ethnic shawl or an old unused colorful fabric, think again. This humble piece can adorn the wall and transform the whole space in no time.

  1. Hand Painted Images:
 Walls & flooring by cats on appletrees

Put on your creative hat and experiment with paints and brushes to bring out quirk images directly on the wall. You can use stencils if you like. This is definitely the cheapest DIY solution to brighten up your kids’ room.

  1. Mirrors:
Pic Credit: Pinterest

Mirrors are ideal for a small and compact house. A mirror reflects light and space to make the area appear brighter and larger.

  1. Wall Stickers:
Pic Credit: Pinterest

There is an endless variety of wall stickers available in the market these days. Be creative and the limits are endless.

  1. Magnetic Boards:
modern Kitchen by Magic Wall

This is a very interesting way to create a unique space. A magnetic board can be a magnetic board that can be used as a base for creatively displaying utensils or even as a storage shelf for condiments and spices.

  1. Painted Chalk Wall:
Pic Credit: Pinterest

A self-adhesive chalkboard sheet or chalk board paint in bathrooms or kids’ room is a great idea to add some fun in your home. Either cover the whole wall or use a cut-to-fit grid pattern and then use chalks to use your creativity endlessly and have a new wall pattern everyday. Works best if you have kids at home.

  1. Textured Wall Paper:
Pic Credit: Pinterest

Get generous with your accent wall. Textured wallpaper in a metallic finish is a wonderful way to add a stunning feature to a living room.

  1. Green Wall:
Pic Credit: Pinterest

A living or green wall also works best in a dining room or living area as it introduces a refreshing touch to the ambiance.

So what are you waiting for? Get on with Diwali decoration and perk up your house like never before. Do share with us your own unique way to decorate the walls of your house.

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