Cockroach Milk Is The Next Superfood, But Will You Drink It?

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2018)

Looking for some super-nutritious, dairy-free, environmental- friendly food source? How about some cockroach milk?

As disgusting as it may sound, but you just might be gulping down cockroach milk in the near future. According to a recent research, cockroach milk contains three times more calories than the equivalent mass of buffalo milk.

It is noteworthy here that as of now it is buffalo milk that holds the prize for the most calorie-rich milk from a mammal. Well, it all started in 2016 when an international team of researchers was able to conduct the nutritional analysis of the milk-like substance that female Pacific beetle cockroaches produce for their offspring. Shockingly, the scientists discovered that the yellowish cockroach milk is one of the most nutrition substances on Earth!

You can read the whole study in the Journal of the International Union of Crystallography, which states clearly that cockroach milk contains three times more calories than the equivalent mass of buffalo milk. It also contains protein and amino acids, which is otherwise very valuable to human health.

No matter how nutritious the cockroach milk is and how awful it does sound, it does not seem an easy job to produce it on a commercial scale.

“I think it unlikely that anyone will be drinking it soon,” Health quoted Dr. Barbara Stay, PhD, professor emerita at the University of Iowa, as saying. “I have no idea how costly that would be to establish and then produce in any quantity.”

However, some companies are not ready to give up so soon and are reportedly finding other ways to harness the power of bug-based foods. Do you know that a grocery store in Canada is already selling its own brand of cricket-based protein powder?

It may only a matter of time before the cockroach milk hit the rack of our neighbourhood kirana store. But, are you ready?

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