What breed is dog in ‘John Wick Chapter 2’?

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2021)

If you are a fan of the john wick series, then you must be a fan of all the dogs in John wick. They have used different dogs in each chapter of john wick. Today, we are going to talk about the dog in john wick chapter 2. Many people ask about this dog breed because it has made everyone a fan of it. However, the dog hasn’t played a long role in the movie. She didn’t even speak a single word in the movie. You may see this dog in the first few minutes of the movie and a few last minutes. But still, the muscular physique of this medium-sized dog has made people talk about him. Let’s talk about that dog. Which dog has played that character? Also, the scenes that it played in the movie.

Which dog played the role

This role is played by a female dog actor, cha-cha, which is a blue nose pitbull. A pitbull is not officially recognized as a breed. It is a term used for dogs with some specific physical characteristics. A blue nose is also a pitbull but with greyish nose color.

Does the dog have any name in the movie?

Unfortunately, the dog has no name in the movie. Whenever any character asked John about the dog’s name, he replied, “the dog’s unnamed.”

How John find this dog?

If you have seen the first chapter of John Wick, you must have an idea that chapter 1 revolves around two main things, John’s car and his dog. When Losef Tarasov steals John’s car and kills his dog Daisy in chapter one, John takes his revenge to take back his car and in the memory of his dog.

After taking his revenge by killing the Losef, he goes to the dog’s shelter house at the end of chapter 1 and adopts a blue nose, Pitbull, in the memory of his beloved dog Daisy. You have seen that blue nose Pitbull in chapter 2. John didn’t train the dog to fight in combat. He fought alone throughout the movie.

That’s the reason pitbull has been seen in only the first and last few minutes of the movie. The good news is, unlike daisy, the new unnamed dog doesn’t get killed in this chapter, so you will definitely see this dog in chapter 3.

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