6 Super Useful Travel Hacks To Ensure Stress Free Vacation

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2018)

Love travelling?  Who doesn’t? But as awesome as the experience is, it does come with its own kind of stress and issues. You can get stuck without battery or WiFi for hours, loose or tangle up your favourite jewellery in your bag or smudge up your eyeliner’s end all over or may simply not able to find that headache pill when you need it the most.

But don’t worry, because we, at Our Titbits, have come up with some really cool travel hacks so that you make the most out of your travelling experience and have a fun-filled vacation. Here are 6 travel hacks you must try next time you venture out so that you can focus only on the good bits of your trip:

  1. Make your luggage tag unique:

In the times when every fourth bag on the airport belt is of the same brand and colour, it is better to make your luggage tag unique by tying a coloured ribbon or some band on the handle. This will save you from the awkward situation of checking the name tags of every single similar looking passenger bag again and again.

Pic Credit: Flickr
  1. Carry a Portable Travel Charger:

We constantly need our dear good phone, even if we are travelling- be it checking the right direction or looking for a good restaurant to eat or may be to book a cab. Low battery or even worse, zero battery is bound to give you panic attacks. Invest in a good charger and you’re sorted. Remember to recharge it too!

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  1. Essentials In Your Backpack:

Stack away small yet important things in a lightweight fanny pack. You surely don’t want to leave your vital essentials wet wipes, camera, money, ear plugs, travel insurance, scarves or may be a book in your check-in luggage and later regret not having access to it.

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  1. Keep First-Aid Essentials Handy In Your Carry-On Pack:

Your carry-on pack, the sturdy bag that you will carry everywhere when out and about, should have essential painkillers, sunscreen lotion, motion sickness pills and a few strips of the bandage. My better half got a minor cut on his head on our recent trip to Kerala while on a boat ride and while he bled, everybody had a bandage, but inside their luggage that was back in their hotel rooms.

Pic Credit: Wikimedia Commons
  1. Fragile Sticker Does The Trick:

Next time when the airline ground staff asks you whether your check-in baggage has any breakable item, just nod and smile. The humble-looking fragile sticker will go a long way to ensure not only your baggage is handled correctly, but that it arrives early since it is kept at the top of the pile to avoid damage.

Pic Credit: Wikimedia Commons
  1. Live Locally, Eat Locally:

One of the very effective travel hacks is to stock up munchies and ready to cook cup noodles to avoid late-night hunger pangs, that otherwise can dig a deep hole in your pockets every time you order room service. As you arrive, explore nearby grocery stores to bring in necessary items such as water bottles and snacks to save a lot!

Pic Credit: Flickr
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