Why Twitter Cannot Stop Laughing Over Justin Trudeau’s Recent India Visit?

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2019)

Surprise! You are not the only one who was smirking on Justin Trudeau’s choice of outfits during his recent India visit.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited India recently with his wife and three kids. Surprisingly, the visit was anything but well.

Firstly, the trip started on a disappointing note as Trudeau and his family were received by none of the member of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet but by a minister of state. While the reports of Trudeau being snubbed rudely flooded the internet, it was his choice of outfits, or we rather daresay ‘costumes,’ that attracted more attention than his strategic moves.

While we might not have stopped drooling over Trudeau in Indian outfits, his time in India attracted a lot of criticism for its lack of official business and more of a family vacation with the excessive photo-ops and insensitive overuse of Indian clothing (and that too reportedly funded by Canadian taxpayer).

While politicians and commoners back in Canada sulked over their PM’s “behavior in India,” as reported by Economic Times, Twitterati surely had a field day as they seemed to have stumbled upon a gold mine of memes.

While the internet continued to mock Justin, it was his youngest son 3-year-old Hadrien Trudeau who stole our heart.

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