How to mirror shine boots?

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2021)

Boots are an essential part of the whole attire. That’s why it is really important to make your boots look clean and shiny. There are a lot of ways to mirror shine your boots, but we are going to discuss all the effective and easiest ways that you can use to give your boots a brand new look.

You should know that it doesn’t matter how good and expensive suit you are wearing. If the boots are dry and dirty, then they will ruin your whole appearance. Shinier boots take your whole appearance to the next level that you look stunning in the crowd or event, and everyone wants to praise you.

The methods that we are going to share in this article can actually make you stand out.

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Remove laces

First of all, remove the laces of your boots, as it will help clean your boots’ tongue easily. Most people make a mistake here, they don’t remove the laces, and then they find it difficult to access all parts of boots’ especially under the laces area. If you want to stand out, make sure all parts of your boots are clean and shiny. Clean the laces separately. You can also wash them in the washing machine. Let the laces dry naturally, don’t put them in the dryer, as it may shrink the laces.

Clean boots

Clean your boots thoroughly, ensure there is no dirt left on your boots. You can use a brush and a soft cloth to remove dirt from your boots. If you don’t remove the dirt, it will get trapped in the polish or wax that you will apply later, giving a rough look to the boots.

Apply polish

Take a shoe brush and apply polish on all parts of the boots. Ensure, not even a single spot is left unpolished. Take another shoe brush and balance the polish on boots with that brush. Repeat this process twice for the best results.


Wait for 20-30 minutes until the polish is dried. You can check by rubbing your finger on the boots. If the polish doesn’t come off after rubbing the finger, it means the polish is dried. Now start rubbing the brush in a circular motion; it will create heat and helps to smooth the polish, giving a littler shiner look.

Wet a cotton ball

Take a cotton ball and dip it into a little amount of water. Now squeeze the cotton to remove 80-90% of the water from it.

Apply polish with a soaked cotton

Now apply polish onto that soaked cotton and start rubbing it onto the boots in a circular motion. It will give a shinier look to your boots.

Blow-dry the boots

You have to follow this step with great care as it can damage your boots, especially if they are leather-made. Never use the high temperature of your hairdryer. Always keep the temperature at a moderate level. Maintain a distance of 5-6 inches between boots and dryer. High temperate and keeping the dryer too close to the boots can damage the boots. Following the guidelines, blow-dry all parts of your boots; it will help smooth the polish, producing a mirror shine look of your boots.

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