Usher In Prosperity With These Amazing Easy-To-Make Yet Stunning Diwali Rangoli Ideas

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2019)

What’s a Diwali without Rangoli?

You may be running short of time, you may think that you are not artistic enough or you don’t have the patience to sit for long hours- no matter how big is your reason, you just should NOT keep your house devoid from Rangoli during Diwali.

So, come on and get ready to get your hands dirty as Ourtitbits has come to your rescue with some amazing easy-to-make yet stunning Diwali Rangoli ideas:

  • Flower Rangoli:

Easily one of our favorite, flower Rangoli is the easiest and one of the most beautiful forms. Just get some petals of marigold, rose and daisies along with some Ashoka leaves. Draw a simple pattern with chalk, decide the color theme and get started. Flower Rangoli is not only the easiest but it also takes very less time to make, not to forget the aroma it brings in the house.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Supriya Kulkarni-Nerlekar
  • Rice Rangoli:

Another very easy form, Rice Rangoli does not require major artistic skills yet beautifies the house in a magical way. Use plain rice and mix some with haldi, or vibrant colored Gulals and start filling them in the pattern. You will see the magic unfold yourself.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Shilpa Gohil

You can use differently colored pulses too. However, make sure that the pattern is not very big in size as it is a pain to see so much grain getting dumped in the bin.

  • Sawdust Rangoli in Flower/peacock pattern:

Sawdust is very easy to handle. The only effort you need to make here is choosing the right pattern and color theme. Once you start, you will feel saw dust flowing from your hand effortlessly. Sawdust is a great option for water Rangoli too. Think about it.

Photo Credit: Quora
  • Marble Dust Rangoli in Geometric Pattern:

If you want to make a vibrantly colored detailed Diwali Rangoli, marble dust Rangoli colors are just the thing for you.

Photo Credit: Keya Nema
  • Dot Rangoli:

Well, this one is not tough, but it does require a bit of patience and focus. You will need to start with a grid of dots and then join the dots in a pattern before filling them with color. Start with 5*5 dots and you will find them mesmerizing.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Home Makeover
  • Alpana:

Ok, this one is for artists amongst you. A traditional Bengali art, Alpana basically refers to colorful motifs, or paintings made using the paste of rice and flour. It does require effort and dedication but the results are just worth the hard work.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Art Gallery


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