Style Up Your Living With These Small Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Home Makeover series- fourth edition

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2017)

Our bedrooms are the most used rooms of our homes. So why not style it up a bit to add a piece of our own personality? Get a bedroom makeover this Navratri season. It may just turn out to be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Wait, what? Not in the budget? You will be surprised to know that you don’t need to shell a bomb to get a stylish bedroom makeover. All you have to do is to declutter and use your imagination to bring out your own unique style.

First and foremost thing is the selection of color palette for the room, thumb rule for which is selecting 3-4 colors and then following it to the core- be it bedspread, curtain, or any other furniture cover or décor item. You can either choose from Feng Shui approved colors for bedroom here or simply opt for the ever classic black-and-white palette (they never go wrong). Just remember to balance out every color of the palette.

So, let’s begin the small budget bedroom makeover step by step:

  • Wall It Up:

Don’t let the naked white or off-cream walls spoil the look of your bedroom. Choose one wall and paint it up in a contrasting earthy tone of orange. If repainting cannot be done as of now, go for a life-size painting or a tapestry.

Pics used here are for depiction purpose only. Pic Credit: Pinterest


  • Dress Up The Window:

If you are those lucky ones who have a big window in your bedroom, adorn it up with a bright beautiful curtain. Remember to balance out the room by choosing a simple monochromatic curtain if walls are heavily colored and vice versa. Choosing an interestingly painted shade can also revamp your bedroom in a jiffy.

Pics used here are for depiction purpose only. Pic Credit: Pinterest


  • Use Up That Corner:

Don’t let the corners of the bedroom become a home for spiders. Place some interesting mix of corner shelves and give your bedroom an uptown feel.

Pics used here are for depiction purpose only. Pic Credit: Pinterest


  • Bring In Nature:

We, at Ourtitbits, are a big fan of greenery.  A dash of nature transforms any space refreshingly. Look up a bit and go for big indoor plants along with some small ones to be kept on bedside table and dressing.

Pic used here is for depiction purpose only. Pic Credit: Pinterest/Pindigger


  • Light It Up:

Placing lamps and lighting fixture is the easiest way to transform any space. Depending upon your personality and theme of the room, place an old-fashioned or modern looking bedside lamp. Hang on some bright lamps in the corner to use it as a nightlight.

Pics used from depiction purpose only. Pic Credit: Pinterest
  • Personalize Your Space:

Use a wall to adorn it with pictures of the best moments. You can for a collage, assorted frames or maybe just hang on the pictures on a string of light like here.

Pics used from depiction purpose only. Pic Credit: Pinterest



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