5 Home Improvement Ideas You Can Steal from Gauri Khan’s Mannat

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2019)

Mannat, 1920s-era, Grade III heritage structure that is famous for its residents, is no less than a landmark in Mumbai. The magnificent structure is thronged by thousands of fans and visitors on a daily basis and lately, it has managed to sneak into endless proud selfies floating in social media.

While the outside look and façade of Mannat is a familiar image, its inside look and interiors have always remained a mystery until now. Recently, the gates of the magnificent home were thrown open by none other than the proud owner Mrs. Gauri Khan, the wife of Bollywood Badshaah Shahrukh Khan as well as the well-known high-end interior designer.

Let us take a tour inside Mannat and have a look at 5 easy to adapt home improvement ideas and tips to live life King-size: 

1.      Plants, Not Flowers:

Gauri Khan is not a fan of cut flower arrangements or artificial imitation plants. She prefers live plants and that is why there are potted ferns abound and scattered around tables everywhere in Mannat.

Inside Mannat via Vogue
Inside Mannat via Vogue

 Keeping indoor plants in the house is undoubtedly the most effective, long-term, and even a cheap tip to upgrade the look of your home in a jiffy.

 2.      Vertical Garden:

There is nothing like too much fresh air. Gauri Khan is also a fan of the idea of vertical gardens and reportedly has one on the outer walls facing her garden.

The idea of vertical garden comes handy also for those living in flats and high-rise apartments. Collection of vertically mounted pots on walls, also known as live walls, can instantly brighten and beautify up any space, all the while hiding the flaws and cracks, if any.

3.      Ghost Chairs:

After featuring in Paris Design Week, ghost chairs or transparent seaters are quickly up in India too. Vogue spotted one in Mannat as well with Zebra print and it definitely seems to center of the area.

Inside Mannat via Vogue
Inside Mannat via Vogue

The best part about ghost chair is that it blends with any color theme and acts as a chameleon to easily work in any space, no matter the design style or color palette. Place them around dining room table, beside a fireplace, beside the window or under the study desk- it fits and blends in everywhere.

4.      Personalize Your Space:

As per Vogue, Suhana’s love for ballet influences the selection of photographs and art in her space. Until recently, the Breaking Bad themed wallpaper adorned Aryan’s and AbRam has a favourite pillow that never leaves his side. 

One of the most common interior decoration mistakes is that we try to give same theme and look to the entire house unlike Mannat where the personalities of Shahrukh, Gauri as well as their kids spill out and are reflected in their space. Personalizing the casual areas of the house like kids’ room, play area or common area makes a home more warm, relatable and inviting.

 5.      No Rush:

Like Rome was not built in a day, Mannat, as we see today, has taken shape over the years.  “My home has been built gradually over years of collecting stuff that I feel passionately about. It’s essential to make something your own.” 

So another home improvement tip is here not to rush into things and try to give your entire house a makeover overnight. You not only might end up spending more but purchases made in haste are expected to lack in taste and effect. Remember, your house is an extension of your personality and it should reflect how you are as a person and what you have experienced in life yet and not what’s the latest in décor.

Some more home improvement quick-fixes here.

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