Make Your House Lively With These Must Have Quirky Home Decor Items [See Pics]

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2017)

Your house is an extension of your personality. Then why to keep it boring and simple? It’s time to add zing with some quirky home decor items.

Add some colors, bring in a dash of life and enhance your house with simple and affordable home decor items. Let Ourtitbits take you on a mini-tour of some very interesting and must have quirky home decor items available in India:

  • Conversation Chair:
Photo Credit: Pinterest/Angelica

We fell in love with this piece as soon as we saw it. Imagine this chair in a cozy sunny corner of your house where you can unwind with your spouse or kids after a long hectic day.

  • Statement Cushions:

Bringing home some bright quirky cushion is the easiest and the quickest way to brighten up a house. India Circus, Chumbak have some mindblowing varieties. Suit yourself!

  • Coil Holder:

This useful little piece may serve as a boon in mosquito infected areas. Remember the pain of balancing mosquito coil so that they don’t burn out? Your problem is now solved with this cute coil holder from Happily Unmarried.

  • Door Mats:
Photo Credit: Happily Unmarried

Do away with old-fashioned plain colored doormats and welcome your guest with these quirkily designed mats complete with wittiness all over. India Circus, Happily Unmarried and Chumbak have loads of such smartly designed mats.

  • Alphabet Bookshelf:
Photo Credit: Pinterest/

A perfect item for your kids’ room, this beautiful bookshelf may become the main attraction of your home. A bigger version of this bookshelf can also work as a room divider- just a thought!

  • Wall Clock:

Clocks are a great option when it comes to utility plus décor. Replace your old wall clock with riot-of-color clocks available at India Circus in abundance.

  • Door Knob Organiser:

Last but definitely not the least, doorknob organizers for the forgetful ones of you. This is a quick, easy and hassle-free way to find all your necessary belongings at one place when you are rushing out for work.

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