Jazz Up Your House With These Simple Dining Area Makeover Ideas

Our third in line from home makeover series

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

What’s a festival without some home makeover? While we tend to redecorate our living room, bring new items for kitchen and try to redo our bedrooms, it is the dining area that often stands neglected. This festive season, let’s get a dining area makeover (no matter how small it is) to bring our family closer and create some great memories.

Earlier in Ourtitbits, we had talked about various ways in which we can get bathroom makeover in some few easy-to-do simple steps. Moving on in our home makeover series, let’s focus how can we revamp our dining area without shelling a bomb:

  • Lighting Up:

Think out of the box and get installed some industrial lighting to liven up your space. Quirkier the better!

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Etsy


  • Personalize Your Space:

Use the walls of the dining area to relive your golden memories. Be it kids’ childhood pics, or memorabilia from a fun trip or just your family’s hand imprint, the walls of the dining area should create a happy ambiance.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Sheer Luxe
  • Dramatize the Walls:

If in for a house repaint, go for Feng-Shui approved shade of sage green or your favorite pastel shade for a sense of calm and peacefulness during meal time. If repainting is not possible, you can opt for similar colored wallpapers with some interesting funky designs and get an instant dining area makeover!

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Jenilyn Petersen
  • Green It Up:

Natural greenery can never go wrong when it comes to house décor. Either place a big Areca Palm in the corner of the dining area or hang some Boston Fern from the nearby window or even better, place succulent pots on the dining table.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/ Hannah Visser
  • Wine Racks:

Up for a drink? Place an interesting wine rack somewhere nearby the dining table and see your dining area transform in a jiffy. The rack will come in handy to place fruit basket, tissue papers, and other knick-knacks.


Pic Credit: Pinterest/
  • Chair Slip-on

Bored of your dining chairs but could not afford to change the whole set yet? No worries, try using some interesting colorful chair slip on. Though minimalistic, the slip-on prove to be an instant eye candy. An easy trick for dining area makeover!

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Housetrends Magazine


  • Centrepiece:

Change the centerpiece of your dining table. Throw in some drama with a huge flower vase, or place some DIY candles to lighten up space.

Pic Credit: Pinterest
  • Table Runners:

One of the most underrated items,  table runners, when chosen wisely, can become the center of attraction in your dining area. Go for either classic ones in white or red, or colorful streamer or geometrically designed ones. Adventure souls can also try burlap table runners for the earthy cool look.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/ Crafting in the rain



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