Bring Home These Air Purifying Indoor Plants To Eliminate Delhi Smog Effects [Pics]

Keep The Indoor Air Clean With These Indoor Plants

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2018)

Delhi smog is seemingly here to stay, all thanks to the Government’s lack of empathy, political unwillingness, and yes, our own actions. The least you can do is to protect your loved ones by keeping the air inside your house as clean as possible.

No, we are not here prefacing about in-trend air-filters. They come at the hefty price and buying one for each room is no easy cake for an average Delhite.

So instead of burning a hole in your pocket, why can’t we take a greener route? Ourtitbits has come up with a list some amazing air-filtering plants that will not only clean the air but will also beautify your living space in a jiffy:

  1. Snake Plant:

Also known as Sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue plant, this plant is nothing less than an oxygen can. Buy multiple plants for each room, keep them in some funky pots and place them in corners. This NASA- approved plant emits oxygen even at night. Buy them in bulk now.

Added Benefit: Sturdy in nature, this plant can go for days without sun and water.

  1. Areca Palm:

Also known as living room plant, this nature’s wonder can clean the air very effectively off CO2, CO, formaldehyde. Buy a tall sturdy one, keep them in a large pot and place them in a corner.

Added Benefit: Perfect for an empty corner, areca palm is also one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain.

  1. Money Plant:

Yes, your own money plant is an air purifier too! Place this underrated creeper in every nook and corner, even in bathrooms. This plant will very effectively remove chemicals and pollutants from the air so that you are breathing only clean fresh air, at least when you are indoors in this deadly Delhi smog.

Added Benefits: This plant can also survive for some days on just water.

  1. Spider Plant:

This beautiful easy-to-grow plant eliminates formaldehyde and xylene from indoor air. This plant also grows very quickly and looks amazing in hanging baskets.

Added Benefits: Often this plant offshoots baby spider which can be snipped off to grow new plants.


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