Bring Harmony In Your Home With These Feng Shui-Approved Best Colour For Walls [See Pics Inside]

This is second article in our House Makeover series

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2017)

Colours are known to have a very profound effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Both Vastu Shastra, as well as Feng Shui, believe that aptly used colors in the house can bring harmony and prosperity in your lives.

Colors on the wall of your home is a reflection of your persona and taste. So, as you settle down with the color palette this pre-festive season for the annual house painting, as after giving a makeover to your bathroom, Ourtitbits has come up with the best colour for walls of each room:

  • Bedroom:

Contrary to the popular belief that red, which is seen as the color of love and passion, is good for bedroom walls, Feng Shui strongly advises not to use dark and fiery colors for the bedroom.

Best Colors: Earthy tones and muted tones like flesh tones pastels

Pic Credit: Pinterest


  • Kitchen:

Kitchen of the house should be happy and active with lots of positive energy and vibrations. Using colors such as gray, dark blues, greens and browns promote a feeling restlessness and can also make the place too depressing.

Best Colors: Bright yellow and earthy tones are the best color for walls of kitchen

Pic Credit: Pinterest
  • Dining Room:

The dining room should promote the sense of calm and peacefulness while you are having your meal. You should avoid using reds, black, gray, navy blue, dark green or dark brown in this space for good digestion and healthy eating.

Best Color:  sage greens, pastels or muted tone of your favorite shade

Pic Credit: Pinterest


  • Living Room:

A living room is an active place and represent your personality. Here, you can experiment with brighter colors. Choose a bright shade of your favorite color and see the transformation in your mood yourself.

Best Colors: Orange, Green or Blue are the best colour for walls of living area

Pic Credit: Pinterest


  • Bathroom:

Feng Shui says that bathrooms already have a lot of the water element and should be balanced with earthy tones. You should avoid using dark ‘watery’ colors such as black, gray, navy, dark brown or green.

Best Color: Earth tones, pastels, whites, or yellow

Pic Credit: Pinterest
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