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Depression Is More Common Than We Believe? Ileana D’Cruz Too Opens Up About Her Struggle

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

 Recently, Ileana D’Cruz spoke openly about her Body Dysmorphic Disorder at the 21st World Congress of Mental Health. Speaking at length unabashedly, the actress went on to reveal that at one point in time she had “suicidal thoughts and wanted to end things.”

Surprised? Don’t be as there are many people out there who are suffering from some form of mental illness. Sadly, no matter how educated, modern and so-called advance we become, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety are often looked down upon. The sufferer is pushed to the margins of society to such an extent that he/she becomes a mere joke. Even, a visit to a psychologist is something that is often mocked upon.

“Don’t sit back and think it will get okay, but go get help. Like you have a sprain and go get yourself checked if you have depression, seek help,” the “Baadshaho” actress was quoted as saying.

Ileana is not alone when it comes to speaking up about depression and mental health. In the recent past, we have seen several bigwigs of Bollywood coming out openly to speak and spread awareness about it. If you or anyone close to you is suffering from such a problem, you may be a bit relieved to know that the illness does not discriminate and can affect anyone, from any walk of life.

Deepika Padukone is known to have struggled with depression while Anushka Sharma has admitted that she is on a medication of anxiety. Shahrukh Khan slipped into depression in 2010 post his shoulder surgery while Randeep Hooda went into depression after “Highway” and “Sarbjit.”

Here are some signs of depression that you should always be on a lookout for- both for yourself and your loved one:

  • Feeling sad all the time, especially soon after waking up
  • Indecisiveness- Low concentration- Feeling guilty and/or worthless constantly
  • No interest in any activity
  • Feeling tired or low on energy
  • Having trouble sleeping or sleeping almost all the time
  • Think that nothing will ever go right in your life and feel restlessness
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