Why Everteen Creme Hair Remover Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair At Home?

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2020)

Fun fact: Most mammals don’t have pubic hair. In fact, we humans stand alone with our thick bushes that grow below the waistline. The mane might have been helpful in attracting the potential mate back in stone ages but let’s admit it, in today’s times, the exact opposite is going to happen if you decide to not tame them.

Well, most of us women have a love-hate relationship with our hair. While we want long thick tresses on our head, we tend to detest any trace of it on any other part. When it comes to body hair some of us might claim to be all au naturale but most of us still aspire to have a smooth baby skin without a trace of any hair.

Pubic Hair: To Remove It Or Not?

Research says that the growth of hair in the underarms and groin regions are meant to trap and launch “pheromones”. Pheromones are airborne hormones that convey sexual signals in mammals. But as humans evolved, clothed-up, and started maintaining decent-enough hygiene standards, this logic stands redundant. And perhaps there are better ways nowadays to attract lovers than mysterious pheromones hiding in armpits and pubis, right?

There is no science to conclusively prove that body hair lessens or increases sexual pleasure on your pubis or elsewhere. 

My simple take here is imagine wearing a sweater in summer all the time? No matter what the ambience temperature is, it’s always going to be steamy down there. When you keep your pubes intact, you’re adding an extra layer of insulation to this already toasty body position.

In the end, it all comes back to how you feel about your body. If you feel sexy, confident and attractive with a clear, hair-free body, so be it. There is no major harm or disadvantage in going bare provided you are doing it the right way. The decision should be yours and only yours, not at all influenced by anyone.

Why To Choose Hair Removal Cream?

Well, there are three major ways to clean hair down there- waxing, shaving and using hair removal cream.  Shaving should be a complete no-no unless you want to have a poky stubble rubbing against your clothes within a week. It is easy, cheap and convenient but leaves a trail of stubborn stubble that sometimes lasts for 2-3 cycles.

Waxing is the best way to remove body hair. However, when it comes to pubes, it seems to be more harsh and privacy-invading given the fact that you would have to visit a professional beautician to get it done. Not to miss the unbearable piercing pain in the process.

Using  a hair removal cream or depilatory cream is indeed the safest and the most convenient bet. It can’t get much easier than spreading cream over the patch of hair, waiting for a few minutes, and then using a washcloth soaked in warm water to rub it off. Such creams goes just under your skin and remove hair from just below the surface, so you won’t feel stubble as soon.

Why Everteen Creme Hair Remover Bikini Line Is The Best?

Despite the convenience that a hair remover cream offers, I personally opt for waxing for my hands and legs. And the primary reason for that is the strong harsh migraine-inducing smell that most of the depilatory creams tend to produce. And sitting in that kind of smell until the cream is settling in becomes a torture on its own. 

Also, depilatory cream is known for leaving the skin darkened over regular use after a period of time, the primary reason for which I stopped using a cream of another famous brand for the underarms.

But when I stumbled upon Everteen Crème Hair Remover, my problems with the depilatory creams became a thing of the past. This one has a subtle pleasant fragrance as compared to usual strong chemical smell. Indeed this cream is a total surprise- no harsh smell, baby-soft skin and absolutely no skin darkening aftereffects.

The cream comes with a spatula and coin-sized compact towels. The application comes with absolutely no burning sensation or irritation which was again a surprise for me as I have a very sensitive skin. It was easy to spread and the perfectly-shaped spatula made the task a breeze. 

Now came the waiting time. A word of caution here-  no matter how much you get tempted to remove the cream before full 5 minutes just because you are getting fidgety and bored, don’t do that. Choose a comfy place beforehand, maybe with some music. Do whatever but make sure that the cream gets to sit on the skin for the full required time if you want hairless, clean results.

The removal part with Everteen is equally easy. The pack comes with coin-sized compact towels with swell when you dip them in water after which you can unwrap it. Use this towel to clean and scrub away the cream. The cream along with the unwanted hair will be removed like a dream leaving you with nothing but a soft, smooth and clear skin. It is better to scrub and wash it off in the shower as well.

Overall, using Everteen Creme Hair Remover Bikini Line turned out to be a nice experience. No other depilatory creams for me!

Best Features Of Everteen Creme Hair Remover

Well there are many but I quickly going to list the best stand-out features of this wonderful new hair removal cream which each one of you totally deserve:

  • Pleasant fragrance: Most hair removal creams, even the high-priced and hyped ones, carry a very strong chemical smell. Sometimes the smell is too strong and causes headache and other allergies. The fact that once the cream is applied, you have to let it sit on the skin and cannot remove it before the required time, the smell, if it’s too strong, becomes unbearable for many. This cream, on the other hand, comes with a very pleasant subtle fragrance which turns out to be quite a happy surprise on the first use.
  • No Irritation:  This cream causes absolutely no irritation or burning sensation on the skin. Enriched with Camomile and glycerine, Everteen Creme Hair Remover is safe to use on any skin type.
  • Soft Skin: While removing the unwanted hair, the glycerine in the cream soothes the skin and leaves it soft and supple.
  • No Skin Darkening: Many hair removal creams cause skin darkening so much so that it sometimes may take 5-6 months to get to the normal tone of your skin. But this product does not have any of that effect even after repeated use.

Click here and try this wonderful product yourself.


My chance discovery of Everteen Creme Hair Remover proved to be fruitful. It is indeed one of the best hair removal creams for bikini line available in India.

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