Bring Some Cheer Into Your Space With These 8 Easy-To-Grow Winter Flower Plants

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2018)

No matter how dull the weather is, mother nature somehow finds its way to spread cheer and color all around. Isn’t it amazing?

This winter, let your balcony be the playground of colors. Bring home some easy-to-maintain winter flower plants and see your space transform into a wonderland. Let Ourtitbits be your guide to help you choose easy-to-maintain, sturdy, winter flower plants ideal for Indian conditions:

  1. Petunia:

Be it balcony or garden, petunias are just the perfect choice. While grandiflora petunias thrive best in containers or hanging baskets, multiflora petunias are ideal for summer bedding or for a mixed border. Just twice in a week watering and lots of sun and these plants are good to go!

  1. Cockscomb:

This plant brights up any space in a jiffy. Having flowers in yellow and pink variation, this sturdy plant flourishes well in cold damp condition spreading cheer through its brightly colored flowers. This one requires regular watering and proper light for growth.

  1. Cineraria:

This is another perfect winter flower plant for the prevalent cold condition. It survives easily in partial to full shade. Just make sure to keep the soil evenly moist.

  1. Zinnia:

Zinnia became the first flower to bloom in space when a plant was grown successfully on the International Space Station. These bright, happy-looking plants thrive best in full direct sun with some afternoon shade.

  1. Marigold:

Undoubtedly the most commonly seen flower plants, marigold is one of the easiest to grow. Just choose the size and the right color from the varieties ranging from gold, copper, white, yellow, orange, red and mixed colors. This one requires occasional watering and sunlight for at least six to eight hours every day.

  1. Calendula:

Popularly known as English cousin of marigold, Calendula is another very good winter flower plant ideal to cheer you up during dull, chilly days. Occasional watering and nominal sunlight are the only things that this plant need.

  1. Carnation:

Low in cost and maintenance, carnation comes in a multitude of colors including yellow, red, pink, white, orange and purple. A great option for table centerpiece too!

  1. Poinsettia:

Popular option as Christmas gift item, this plant works well in bringing life in a dull balcony.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home these loveable winter flower plant now and add a zeal of cheer to your space as well as to your lives!

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