7 Different Types Of Long Skirts For Indian Women To Rock This Summer [See Pics]

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(Last Updated On: March 8, 2018)

Summers are almost here. As the scorching sun beats us down, we often long for something comfortable yet stylish to wear.

Studying or not, working or not, socializing or not and even young or not, today’s woman wants to look stylish and smart inside out. Gone are the days when young girls and women spend their days in salwar suits all the time. At the same time, wearing a denim in the hot weather can be a total torture in itself. And this is exactly where skirts come into play.

Long full-length skirts not only break the monotony but they are also super-comfortable and airy at the same time. Plus it comes in handy if you don’t want to put your legs on display!

However, long skirts are one of the most underrated items of clothing in the present times. Also styling them can be tricky as they tend to go either too understated or overboard. Well, fret no more as Ourtitbits brings to you a complete guide of super-stylish yet comfortable long skirts depending upon your body type:

  1. Asymmetrical Skirt:

Get flirty and add these type of asymmetrical skirts in your wardrobe. Made of varying lengths at the hem, these skirts are also commonly known as High-Low Skirts.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Lina Simatupang

These skirts are best suited for tall women with well-toned bodies.

  1. Broomstick Skirt:

One of the most attractive types of long skirts, this one has fabric wrinkled all over the length. It works perfectly well for a house party or a hectic day at home.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Belles and Whistles

Broomstick skirt is best suited for hourglass, pear-shaped and very slim women.

  1. Gypsy/Tiered Skirt:

Made of wrinkled and ruffled up horizontal tiers of fabric attached to each other, gypsy skirt instantly brings out the fun person in you.

Pic Credit: Pinterest

Gypsy skirt is best suited for curvier women with hourglass, pear or apple shaped body.

  1. Layered Skirt:

Most feminine and drool-worthy types of long skirts, this one should be an essential part of wardrobe every girl and women.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Evi Sil

This skirt is best suited for ultra-slim girls.

  1. Maxi Skirt:

These are plain long skirt, usually in monotone color. The skirt can be worn outside too on semi-formal occasion.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/Vogue India

The skirt looks best on tall women or those with hourglass figure. It works best with crop tops, shirts and halter tops.

  1. Mermaid/Fishtail Skirt:

Totally attractive to look at, mermaid skirt can be a very good option to wear to day outings and parties.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/BlogLovin’

The skirt suits best on slim, well-toned bodied women. It works best with buttoned-down shirts and crop top.

  1. Peasant Skirt:

This is again one the most comfortable and attractive types of long skirts which is totally apt for daily wear.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/

The skirt looks good on every body type. Great!

So, which is your pick?

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