Ditch The Heels: Put Your Best Foot Forward With These 5 Trendy Summer Footwear

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2020)

Sea of designs to choose from to pop-up colors to funky prints to personalized messages- shoes are no longer an afterthought.

Over last couple of years, thanks to Instagram and other social media influencers, people go an extra mile to find the perfect right shoes. In fact, millennial nowadays often like to go for reverse styling by choosing what shoes to wear and then selecting the outfit accordingly. However, choosing trendy summer footwear can be tricky.

You may be tempted to go for the latest mesmerizing strappy pair, but trust us, nothing is worth an uncomfortable itchy day. While picking summer shoes, go for comfort, breathable material and style and that too, in the same order.

Having said that, do keep up your style quotient in this summer heat. Check out the latest comfortable yet trendy summer footwear:

1.    Sliders:

Sliders: Pic Credit: Pinterest/Chic Me
Sliders: Pic Credit: Pinterest/Chic Me

With a stamp of approval from international fashion icon Kim Kardashian, slider is undoubtedly THE toast of this season. Office, college, parties, movie- sliders work everywhere and the best part is that it comes in many forms, patterns and colors. So, if you have to buy just one pair this season, go for sliders.

2.    Pop-up Colors:

Pop-up Colors. Pic Credit: Pinterest/The Daily Dose
Pop-up Colors. Pic Credit: Pinterest/The Daily Dose

This summer is all about re-styling the classic shapes but in a pop of color. Be it sneakers or canvas shoes or a pair of mules- pop-up-colored shoes with casual dresses is all you need to turn around a bad day.

3.    Funky Un-identical Canvas:

Funky Canvas: Pic Credit: Pinterest/Ali Express

What can be more comfortable than canvas shoes? Hand painted, funky patterns, neon colors, uncoordinated pair- designers are breaking the glass ceiling with the canvas shoes (no pun intended!).

4.    Strappy Mules:

Pic Credit: Myntra
Pic Credit: Myntra

Flat strappy mules work best when you want to put your dear legs at ease. Remember, pop-up colors are in vogue.

5.    Jutti:

Pic Credit: Instagram
Pic Credit: Instagram

Juttis have got a second life and has now become an essential part of any fashionista’s wardrobe. They go well with Indian wear as well as some western wear like capris and denims.

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