10 Summer Wardrobe Essentials To Glam Up Your Style This Season.

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2020)

The summer is here in full force. Are you well-prepared?

With all the mind-boggling heat and sweat, you may not like to dress up in summers sometime. Do not let the scorching sun roast your spirit. Go through these precious tips about summer wardrobe essentials and bring out the diva in you:

  1. Shades:

Yes, the summer sun can play havoc with your eyes, skin, and style. Up your styling game this summer with and treat yourself with a shade or two as the backup plan. Reflectors are totally in!

  1. T-Shirt Dresses:
Pic Credit: AJIO

This last year’s entrant on the fashion scene is having a moment this year. And why not be the case as loose-fitted yet silhouetted T-shirt dress seems like a blessing on a hot summer day. Dress it up or dress it down, you will kill it anyway.

  1. Tank Tops:
Pic Credit: AJIO

You can never have enough tank tops. They are hip and stylish and will help you beat the heat. Just layer it with a shrug if you feel like and you are done. Definitely one of the most important summer wardrobe essentials!

  1. Lightweight Trousers:
Pic Credit: AJIO

This innovation has come as a blessing, especially for working women. Stripes, florals, plain, pastels or bright- lightweight trousers are THE toast of this season.

  1. Maxi Dress:
Pic Credit: AJIO

Last year’s hit is here to stay now as maxi dresses are worn by women of all ages. Easy on the skin and a feast for the eyes, maxi dress suit every type, time and occasion. Stock as many as you fancy and do not forget to pair it with some junk jewellery.

  1. Shoes:
Pic Credit: Pinterest/Tijori

Time to store away your boots as your feet crave for air in summers. Go for open toe sandals, kolhapuris, chappals as well as bright colored canvas shoes.

  1. Sunscreens:

Make this your ritual. Carry it everywhere. Keep one spare in your bag. Do whatever you have to but do not forget to apply sunscreen after every two hours.

  1. Yoga Pants:
Pic Credit: Myntra

Admit it, thick denim sticking to your legs is the last thing you would want. Every woman out there deserves at least a pair of these super comfy yoga pants that go with anything from tees to kurtis.

  1. Shorts:
Pic Credit: Myntra

You can’t survive the summer without slipping in a teeny tiny pair of shorts. Get one at least!

  1. Skirts:
Pic Credit: Myntra

Maxi, midi or mini skirts – all work perfectly on the hottest of days, especially cotton ones. In fact, structured A-line skirts work well for the office, too. Pair them with button up shirts, tops or casual shirts and kick the summer away!

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