Does Wearing Sexy Bra Really Help In Boosting Confidence Or It’s Just A Myth?

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2018)

Imagine yourself in the middle of an important client presentation and your bra strap is slipping down for the tenth time. Or, you are thinking about the under breast rash while sitting in a meeting. Or, even worse, you are on a date and you catch yourself in the mirror with your assets sagging down. Nightmarish, right?

Contrary to the old wives’ tale that says it does not matter what are you are wearing beneath your clothes, wearing a well-fitted sexy bra does way more than just perking up your assets. A good fit bra can definitely boost your self-confidence to a level that you haven’t ever imagined.

“Why bother when no one sees it but me?”  

We hear this all the time. However, the notion is nothing but just a myth. Several studies have proved that what you wear goes a long way in boosting your self-esteem. And when it comes to lingerie, they too play an important role.

When you know that your body image is just the way you want it to be and nothing is pinching you from inside, that self-assurance shows in your body demeanor. On the other hand, if you don’t tend to pay much heed to your lingerie, then, trust us, you are holding yourself back, knowingly or unknowingly.

When you are wearing something exciting under your clothes even while at work or just at home,  that feeling stays with you for the day, bringing a smile to your face. Bold new colors, sheer lace in place of padding, or a new satin bra- there is something about sexy lingerie that gives an extra dose of confidence to every woman. Check out the collection of enticing bras at Zivame.

“Lacy underwear is too uncomfortable”

Wearing a sexy lingerie definitely does not mean you have to compromise on comfort. Despite the perception and misconceptions, your lingerie should never hurt.

If it does, then it is a clear sign of poor quality or improper fit implying that it is time to do some lingerie shopping. Remember, be it lace or satin or padded one, your lingerie should sit on your body like your second skin.  

A well-fitted properly-sized bra improves body posture in a jiffy and might even make you look slim. If you are one of those with heavy assets, a good pair will lift off the weight of your chest just like that. Do you know most of us wear wrong size bra and later complain of back pains and bad body shape?

“Pick any bra. It does not matter.”

Rushing through bra shopping is one of the most common mistakes that we Indian women often make. Take time to try out each style to find the one which suits your body and mood the best. Online shopping works best for lingerie.

Also, buy make sure you have a variety of fits and styles to suit different outfits and occasions. While wired or non-wired (as per your choice) ones in black, white and skin color is usually what we own, having a T-shirt bra (ideal to give you a smooth silhouette), a sports bra (for the gym or yoga), a strapless sexy bra for skimpy party dresses always helps.


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