Men’s Fashion Trends: 6 Latest New Looks The Man In Your Life Will Adore

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2020)

Take a sneak peek into the closet of literally any guy you know, and you’ll see the same old repetitive combination of dark-wash denim, plain white tees, comfy hoodies and a handful of button-downs formal shirts. What if you could jazz up your man’s wardrobe just a little bit to add some life?

Well,  if you are ready to give your man a makeover, here we have the 2019’s latest men’s fashion trends:

  • Light Wash Denim:

If he does not have, get him one. If he has, do get him another one. Though men usually opt for a darker wash, switching up shades in favor of lighter washes is officially THE fashion move of the year.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/ Mr. Streetwear


  • Corduroy:

Well, while denim is timeless, it is the perfectly fitted corduroy jacket or pants can make him stand out.

  • Cropped Trousers:

Yeah, even men clothes are getting shorter now. Cropped trousers pervaded the women’s fashion in 2018, and they’re heading straight for the men’s fashion zeitgeist in 2019. So, guys, it is time to show a little skin!


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  • Plaid Pants:

Here is another way to let him make the mark. A statement-making perfectly fitted plaid pants can go a long way in boosting his confidence and looks.

  • Split-Leg Trousers:

Well, this one is might not for all but the style is definitely having a moment in the sun. Be it international fashion shows or closer home, Gaurav Khanijo’s campaign features Jim Sarbh in a slashed pair of bottoms- split-leg trousers with a zipper may just be the next big thing in the men’s fashion.


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  • Sling Bag:

This hands-free accessory is what every young man needs. He can sling his bag to the front to keep an eye on his belongings or sling it to the back to keep it out of his way. Whatever he does, he is sure to look super trendy regardless.

Pic Credit: Pinterest/On Point Fresh
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