India Couture Week 2019: 5 Fashion Trends You Should Steal [Pics]

Indian Couture Week 2019 has ended and we know what is going to be in vogue this coming season. Do check the upcoming fashion trends.

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

India Couture Week 2019 has finally come to an end, ushering in the fashion trends of the upcoming season.

The fashion week was filled with many interesting new styles which we can already foresee becoming a huge vogue in the coming months, especially during the next wedding season. Let us have a quick sneak peek into the hottest fashion trends seen in India Couture Fashion Week 2019, before anyone else does:

1.       Nude Palette:

One shade that had unquestioningly dominated the runway was nude and its palette. Be it elaborate gowns to embellished lehengas, nude is clearly the color of the season. If you have marriage on the mind this season, NUDE is color to go for to be added in your wedding trousseau. Bride or otherwise, this shade will be seen everywhere.

 2.       One-Shoulder Blouse:


One-shoulder Blouse/ Vogue/Sagar Ahuja/ICW2019
One-shoulder Blouse/ Vogue/Sagar Ahuja/ICW2019

Micro one-shoulder blouse caught our attention and there is something about it that tells us it will be soon find its way in every woman’s wardrobe. As per Vogue, designer Amit Aggarwal introduced the piece styled with an exaggerated A-line skirt—showcasing an interesting play of size and silhouette. However, it will go well with lehenga as well as sari.

 3.       Sari Gown:

Sari Gown: Pic Credit: Vogue/Sagar Ahuja
Sari Gown: Pic Credit: Vogue/Sagar Ahuja

It is not a sari. It is not a gown. It is the best of both the worlds with elegance of sari and comfort of a gown spun into one piece. ICW 2019 saw an assembly of some exceptionally remarkable sari gowns- some with a daring thigh-high slit and a risqué blouse perfect for the bride’s friends, sisters and cousins. Just slip into one and you are good to go. No more fretting over the six-yard drape.

 4.       Wild wavy hair:

Yeah, note that down, ladies! Poker-straight hair is out. The coming season will be all about flaunting wild wavy tresses that instantly add glamour to your simplest look. Just like Sara Ali Khan did here in her maiden runway walk in ICW.

 5.       Statement Jewelry:


No more layering yourself in jewelries and heavy neck ear thing. All you have to do is find out what suits your body structure, face shape better and accentuate that. Whether it’s layered necklaces or chandbalis, this one of much-needed fashion trends to highlight just one piece is thankfully here and is likely to stay.

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