Flower Power! 10 Head-To-Toe Styling Ideas To Rock In-Vogue Floral Print This Winter [See Pics]

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2018)

Thinking about making your wardrobe winter ready? Don’t miss on very much in trend floral print winter outfits which are now back in vogue.

Stripes are out. And so is uncanny silhouettes. It is time to wear your feminist self on your sleeves with uninhibited floral print winter outfits this season.

Floral prints are witnessing good times as they have managed to break free from saree and shawls to seep into other clothing items. Ourtitbits brings to you the head-to-toe ways to flaunt the floral print winter outfit this season:

  1. Flowery Beanies:

When the chill sets in, hairstyles get overruled by cute fancy beanies. This season, get home some floral print beanies in velvet for comfy, cozy yet chic self.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/ASOS Marketplace
  1. Floral Scarf:

Conventional prints are out. Perk up your boring outfits with a dash of nature with such floral scarves and stoles.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Net-a-Porter
  1. Floral Sweaters:

Add some fun to your look with floral sweaters. If hesitant at first, try floral sleeved-sweaters or even better, go full throttle with big bold floral overall prints on warm sweaters.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/MISSGUIDED
  1. Flowery warm shrugs:

Layering can never go wrong! Add some warm floral shrugs to your wardrobe to add some fun and excitement.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Laura Sarmiento
  1. Flower-powered Coats:

Coats with floral prints worn with denim or monochromatic dresses can go a long way in accentuating your confidence level at your workspace. Just like this one of Deepika Padukone.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/ Zoya Shaikh
  1. Floral Jackets:

Give your biker jacket some rest this season as these attractive floral jackets are here!

Photo Credit: Pinterest/
  1. Flower-powered Dresses:

Full sleeve floral dress with boots and stockings are exactly what you need for your next brunch with friends. A floral maxi dress paired with denim or leather jacket will too look amazing.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Inspiring Pretty
  1. Floral Skirts:

Who says skirts are a no-no in winters? Fight off winter blues with floral skirt paired up with warm stocking and boot.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Sharito Flores
  1. Floral Pants:

Yes, you read it right! Add some flower power to your pants and go stylish.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/
  1. Floral Boots:

Give your favorite leather boots a friend this season. Bring home these floral boots for some extra fun and frolic.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Sole Society


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