Grey Is The New Black? Know Everything About Upcoming Fashion Trend In India

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Weather is changing, so should your wardrobe. As hot summery evenings give way to slight chill in the air, revamp your wardrobe with hot upcoming fashion trend to remain stylish and chic, come what may.

We, at Ourtitbits, have investigated a bit and tried to peep into the future of Indian fashion. So, here is the expected upcoming fashion trend to keep you abreast with the coming times:

  • Yellow Is So Gone, Grey Is The New Black:

Yellow has dominated the Indian fashion in 2017 like never before. However, go slow with your shopping spree of yellows now as the coming times will see the rise in popularity of ‘groutfit’ ( the portmanteau of words grey and outfit). Attires like monochromatic grey outfit with a hint of silver, contrasting shade or a pop of bright color will be something to go for in the coming times.

Pic Credit: Pinterest

“ Team it with dominating dramatic elements such as feathers, sequins. Because grey is a neutral tone, wear it with a pop of color,” as told to Times Of India by Manish Malhotra.

  • Lilac Is The New Pink:

This color that has shown a strong presence in the recently concluded New York Fashion Week. Designer Ohaila Khan feels that since color works well both in day and night, lilac will see a rise in popularity, especially in the wedding season. Look for lilac colored crop top, jacket or maybe an evening dress.

Pic Credit: Pinterest


  • Cold Shoulder Will Give Way To One-Shoulder Thingy:

The past few months were all about cold-shoulder trend- be it tops and tunic or evening gowns or even saree blouses. Rising on the wave has now come the trend of one-shoulder outfits. The coming times will see the trend enveloping everywhere from tops to Indian attire like suits.

Pic Credit: Pinterest
  • Rise In Stripes:

The chill in the coming season will also witness stripes becoming in-your-face bold like never before. Also, the stripes will be seen in the most unusual places like hot pants, skirts, bodycon, shoes and even bags.

Pic Credit: Pinterest
  • Clear Shoes Is The Next Fad:

Kickstarted in U.S. by reality TV queen Kim Kardashian, nude heels or clear shoes have started penetrating the Indian street market and is a major upcoming fashion trend. Go for either plastic strap sandals like the ones worn by Alia Bhatt here or for thigh-high boots like the U.S. star.

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