Fishtail Brows: Are You Ready For This Latest Eyebrow Fashion Trend? [See Pics Inside]

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Are you ready for some ‘browperiments’?

2017, among other things, saw a mini-revolution in the space of eyebrow fashion like never before. Never earlier, we saw as we what call some super weird trends like glitter brow, braided brow, Christmas tree brows, bauble brows, feather brows. 2018 is here and now we have fishtail brows.

Yupe, Instagram fashion is becoming weirder and stranger day by day. As if braiding and putting sparkles in one’s eyebrow was not enough, some beauty bloggers have started trying the latest fishtail brow.

The credit of the origin of fishtail brow goes to Huda Kattan, an American makeup artist, beauty blogger, and entrepreneur. With over 24.5 million followers, no wonder the trend took off and has now taken Instagram by storm.  However, the blogger called out a creative beauty and fashion blogger @skyzeditz as the originator of the trend.

Fishtail Brows ? Which do you like better? 2 or 3? Edit by @skyzhighlight @skyzeditz They look nice on @dessimua & @hayley_bui but I feel I look like ?? Are you guys digging this look? Y or N #hudabeauty

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Kattan initially asked her followers in her caption if they were “digging this look?” As a result, the post has since become viral, gaining over 240,000 likes and more than 10,000 comments.


Fishtail brows baby, finally hopping on a brow trend before it dies out?? – #makeup #makeupartist #mua #undiscoveredmua #blueeyeshadow #fishtailbrows #fishtail #glitter #highlight #highlighter #eyebrows #eyeshadow #glittereyeshadow #nyx #nyxcosmetics #mermaid #mermaidbrush #septumpiercing #piercing #alt #alternative #fish #undiscoveredmuas

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#Fishtailbrow tutorial now up! Link in bio! ?inspired by @hudabeauty & @skyzhighlight ❤#fishtailbrows

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New Brow Trend of 2018?! Welcome the #fishtailbrows ??! (Inspired by @skyzeditz) Yay or Nay? ? #eyebrowtrend #undiscovered_muas #benefitbrows

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So are you too ready to sport some fishtail brows? All you have to do to sport a fishtail brow is to split your eyebrow into two and then draw a fin-like section upwards.

But here is the trick. Don’t rush off to shave a section of your eyebrows just yet. You can first try out the look by drawing the fish fins and adding concealer to the section on the brow to give it a gap-like effect.

So, what do you feel? Will the trend of fishtail brow take off or just fizzle out as a come-and-go fad? Well, Ujwal Salokhe, an entrepreneur and makeup enthusiast feels the trend is here to have a short life.

“In my opinion, we’re not ready enough to sport bold eyebrow looks beyond beauty blogs and, maybe, fashion weeks,” Hindustan Times quoted Salokhe as saying. “I don’t see myself or regular girls in general walking into a restaurant or workplace with fishtail brows.”

Right, nor do we!

Here are some simpler ways to go glam.

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