Feeling Lazy? 7 Easy, Effective Ways To Instantly Add Glam To Basic Winter Outfit

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

Don’t you too tend to feel lazy as the chill sets in? In this low temperature who has the zeal to dress up?

As the winter sets in, our style quotient usually takes a back seat. As we find solace in warm sweats, leggings, long sweaters and, shall we dare say, shawls, the summer-time’s fashionistas get buried somewhere in the pile.

Well, rejoice as Ourtitbits has come up with a hasslefree quick guide on how to instantly add glam to basic winter outfit when you are in a lazy mood:

  1. Long Trench Coat:

Just put on a stylish mustard trench coat over plain black trousers and black shirt or sweater and you are ready to rock that client meeting!

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  1. Biker Jacket:

Burgundy biker jacket is something that keeps you warm as well as stylish. Slip into one wearing classic black tee and denim and you are set to take over the world.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Feed Inspiration
  1. Quilted Jacket:

Quilted jacket is the in-thing this winter. Bring home one in soft shades of beige or grey or in darker tones of navy, brown and black to add glam instantly to your otherwise repetitive outfit. The ones with faux fur at neckline and cuffs are simply a blessing.

  1. Denim Jacket:

Your decade-long winter friend can help you glam up too on your most lazy days. Just throw one on and rock that urban chic look.

  1. Printed Sweatshirt:

Forget jackets, even a bright colored sweatshirt like the one owned by Katrina Kaif can provide just the right amount of coziness and comfort to you when needed most.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
  1. Poncho:

Simply one of the best ways to add glam to basic winter outfit, poncho works perfectly in keeping you warm too.

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7. Calf Length Boots:

Calf length boots can glam up the plainest outfit in a jiffy. Go, find the right pair.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/jdoqocy


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