Embrace This Hot New Fashion Trend With These Amazing Styling Tips

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2017)

What’s a life without some interesting, flattering clothes! And this new fashion trend of fringe outfits and accessories is way more than just being interesting- it’s exciting, playful and eye-catchy.

So, sit back and relax as Ourtitbits takes you on a tour into the world of latest fashion trend and Fashionista’s latest obsession- fringes:

  • Fringe Tops:

Take inspiration from Bollywood beauty Shraddha Kapoor as she sports a fringe top to look effortlessly chic. The shorter version of tops and tees works best with fringes.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Fringe Sleeve:

Even a small detail like fringe sleeve will take you a long way in your fashion game. Such sleeve adds glam factor instantly and will make you stand out.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Colorful Days
  • Fringe Skirt:

Very flirty and playful, fringes on a skirt looks amazing and has a young feel to it. The fringes also gives you a window to sport a micro-mini skirt breezily.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Posh Equestrian
  • Fringe Pants:

Add a flirty touch with these fringe denims. Start with small knotted fringes and eventually move on to more longer, prominent and shocking fringes.

  • Fringe Dress:

A perfect party wear, a dress with fringes can instantly set the mood. And will make you an eye candy too.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Fringe Blouse:

Fringes are not only for teenagers. Try fringes on saree blouse just like Anushka Sharma here and see the look transform instantly.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Yahoo Lifestyle
  • Fringe Saree:

Be more daring and sport this new fashion trend in the form of Sonam Kapoor-like fringed saree during this wedding season.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/
  • Fringe Poncho:

Usher in winters with fringe ponchos. Although ponchos are no stranger to fringes endings, the newer longer version creates a lovely dreamy effect.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/
  • Fringe Sweaters:

Get cozy in this fringe sweaters. The longer, the better.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Natalie Leavitt
  • Fringe Accessories:

Well, fringe accessories have been around for a while and here to stay for some more time.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
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