Freaky Fashion: Dare To Flaunt These A. Human’s Fleshy Alien-Like Body Adornments?

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2018)

How far can you go in the name of fashion? “When you can change your body like you change your clothes, does your appearance lose all meaning or does mean everything?”

Body modification. This is the term that is being used for the latest fashion obsession that creates alien-like body adornments. This trend is given birth by new fashion brand A. Human’s collection, which is currently on show in a nightmarish exhibit in New York Fashion Week.

Under this technique,  the brand offers customers the opportunity to customize the appearance of parts of their bodies, as an alternative to traditional adornments or clothing. So why wear a choker when you can make it look like it is put inside your neck’s skin? Ew!

The showcase was intended to be an “immersive theatrical experience” that complements the bizarre nature of the pieces. However, thanks to celebs like Kim Kardashian Chrissy Teigen, and Tan France,  A. Human’s collection has caused a stir on social media.

Have a look here at U.S. reality TV queen Kim Kardashian. Beware of the creeps!

Do not freak out. These adornments are made of cultured keratin to give a fleshy look and thus it looks like the body’s part.

The trend of these A.Human’s fleshy looking adornments is picking up fast in the West. Like Kardashian, socialite Chrissy Teigen showed off the feathered design worn on her chest while hanging out with her daughter Luna in her Instagram Story, thanking the brand with a simple “I’m feeling it.”

Similarly, Tan France also showed off a futuristic Tudor collar, which is the very first living piece of jewelry made of ruffled “skin” and bio-reactive crystals.

So, wear your heart on your sleeve, like literally. A. Human can customize just like the way you want, only too real!

Are you ready for the world where clothes will be replaced by body modifications?

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