6 Trending Summer Colours You Should Wear To Beat The Heat This Season

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2019)

Summers are here and so is the blazing sun and gallons of sweat. As the mercury rises with every passing day, half of the morning time is spent in thinking what to wear so that one won’t sweat profusely, be comfortable and look drop dead gorgeous too.

Well, a little thought before choosing your OOTD can go a long way in keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. While the fabric and the fitting are the foremost things that need to be checked, the color of the outfit also plays a pivotal role in beating the heat. Here are 6 trending summer colours that you should be wearing this season:

  1. Canary Yellow:

summer 2019 colors
summer 2019 colors from Pinterest

Canary yellow is definitely one of the top trending summer colours. The color kind of welcomes the summer and brings out the cheer in you. If you find the shade “too yellow” for an outfit, try using the shade as pop-up colored accessory. Think canary yellow sandals, belt, scarf or earrings.

  1. White:

summer 2019 colors
summer 2019 colors

Well, this age-old trick of wearing white in summers does do wonders. But this year the fashion key is to mix and match the white outfits with a pop-up colored accessory. So go for a different color with your shoes, bags, belts or even eyeshadow to add an accent on white.

  1. Peach:

summer 2019 colors
summer 2019 colors from Pinterest

Go easy on the eyes. Choose an outfit that soothes the eyes and light peach fits the best. In fact, peaches and baby pink are some shades that said to absorb sweat easily and they look pretty good too.

  1. Living Coral:

summer 2019 colors
summer 2019 colors

Well, this shade is coveted as the color of the year for 2019 and is here to stay for a while. So maybe a kurti or a tank top in the shade is all that you need to make the right impression.

  1. Blue:

summer 2019 colors
Pic Credit: Pinterest/LooksGud

Being the color of water, blue always has an inherent cooling effect on our senses. Be it light powdery blue or baby blue or navy or Persian blue, the shade is a great way to make the fashion statement.

  1. Khaki:

summer 2019 colors
Pic Credit: Pinterest/

Both the lighter and darker shaded of these colors was seen ruling the Spring Summer 2019 runways. Khaki dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, coats, shorts, and tees- all are worth sporting on a hot day.

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